Jitka Hosprová / viola

In her industry, she is a pioneer Jitka Hosprová, the first Czech viola soloist, is world renowned for her art. In her albums, she presents gems of Czech violin literature and the classical modern world. She graduated from the Academy of Performing Artsin Prague, majoring in viola by doc. Jan Peruska and then collaborated with legendary Italian violist, Luigi Alberto Biancchi, who led her virtuoso mastery. As a soloist, she works alongside numerous international orchestras – the Vienna Radio Orchestra, orchestras Lorain, Belgian Philharmonic, Camerata Chile, the Czech Philharmonic, Prague Symphony Orchestra, French Chamber Orchestra, etc. She has performed at many major music festivals – Presenses-France, the Rheingau Sommer Kulturtage Dresden,Prague autumn, Prague Spring, Moravian Autumn, Smetana´s Litomysl, Carthagemusic autumn and others. Moreover, she performed her debut solo shows in London, Vienna, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, Santiago de Chile, Washington, DC and New York. “Jitka´s viola passion gives the audience a clear note of the existence of this overlooked instrument, viola literature provides a fascinating and inspiring composers to compose new pieces. It is stunning to look at this artist,” says Dee Anne Hunstein, director of Hunstein Artist Services in New York. Jitka Hosprová is not only a soloist, but also chamber music artist. As a guest performs with leading Czech string quartets and, together with a harpist K. Englichová and flutist C. Janse (Lux.) created an exclusive trio called Bohemia Luxembourg. The soloist plays an Italian instrument from 1856 Andrea Postacchini and a Czech musical instrument Amati 1615 from the 2010 by Peter Zdražil.


Jitka Hosprová, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
SU 4276-2
Martinů Quartet
SU 4176-2
Jitka Hosprová
SU 4147-2
Jitka Hosprová, Kateřina Englichová
SU 4089-2
Jitka Hosprová
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