Musica Bohemica

Jaroslav Krček / artistic director

Musica Bohemica is a chamber ensemble with a tradition stretching back almost thirty years. It has 13 main member musicians, but can be enlarged so than the ensemble can make performances with more than 70 members, including the choir. In consequence, the ensemble can interpret a broad range of music from peak baroque to large oratorio forms of classicism, to contemporary music. Interpretation and arrangements of anonymous and folk music are very specific and unique. Various programs of thematic orientation have been created; for example, Christmas and Easter concerts for young people (educational concerts), etc. A major activity of the ensemble is of course recordings of different repertoire on CD. The ensemble has already recorded 38 CD titles as well as music for several films. The ensemble is also a frequent guest in different countries throughout Europe.

Jaroslav Krček is the artistic leader, conductor and founder of the ensemble Musica Bohemica. He is a multi-faceted musician; apart from conducting, he is also a composer, plays a number of musical instruments, sings and even makes new instruments for the ensemble's needs. Since his student years, Krček has shown a particular interest in the folk tradition and along with this, in anonymous works in Czech culture. This is a branch of music that Krček thoroughly understands and to with he possesses a particulary strong emotional attachment. His arrangements of folk songs are highly individual and, in comparison with simple arrangements, are highly stylizet. Through this work, Jaroslav Krček aims to awaken in his listeners an affection for folk and historical anonymous music. He presents it in a living form, free from academic restraint but with a spontaneity which fits this form of art, and he offers to his audience artiscally polished performances thast achieve the most rigorous criteria.
The second main thread runs through in parallel with his interest in history and folk songs: his own compositions in the symphonic, chamber and vocal genres. In this area, Krček also has orthodox musical doctrine, nor become tied down by predetermined rules. He has not given in attempted to compose music which would beauty life, bring satisfaction and spiritual enrichment and thus captivate the listeners. He is also very prolific conductor. He has recorded more than 50 CDs, including his historical music, his own compositions, and his recordings of folk songs.


Dagmar Pecková, Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krček
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Dagmar Pecková, Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krček
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Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krček
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Various Artists
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Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krček
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Pavel Kühn's Chamber Choir, Dvořák Chamber Orchestra, Libor Pešek
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Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krček
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Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krček
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Jaroslav Krček, Jaroslav Krček, Musica Bohemica
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