Dagmar Pecková, Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krček

Nativitas - Christmas Carols

Catalogue Number: SU 4244-2
Published: 5th October 2018
Genre: Christmas
Format: 1 CD
Bohemian and Moravian Christmas carols, Christmas songs from Bohemian Baroque hymn books, Christmas songs of ancient Europe (arrangements Jaroslav Krček)

Dagmar Pecková, Karel Jakubů, Jaroslav Krček, Filip Dámec. Gentlemen Singers, Musica Bohemica, dirigent Jaroslav Krček

The mezzo-soprano Dagmar Pecková decided to give herself and her friends and fans a very personal gift in the form of this Christmas album. The listener is treated to Bohemian and Moravian carols and to the tender poetry of Christmas songs from seventeenth-century Bohemian Baroque hymnals (Michna's Chtíc aby spal is included in the collection, naturally). Dagmar Pecková has, of course, also turned her gaze beyond the hills on her homeland's borders. Ultimately, whether it is carp or turkey on the festive dinner table, it is the birth of the Saviour that is celebrated all over Europe. Good King Wenceslas is sung in England and Lulajże Jezuniu in Poland, while Stille Nacht and Adeste fideles are sung in many places in a variety of translations. But what about in Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, or Italy? The musical treasures of those countries are found here as well. Dagmar Pecková's taste is unerring in her choice of musicians. Jaroslav Krček enhances the charm of these songs both as the conductor of Musica Bohemica and as the arranger: within just a few bars, his unmistakable touch, inspired by Baroque and folk music, will enchant you with an incredible range of colours, from the intimacy of chamber music to an almost symphonic sound. Adding more colour are the male voices of the Gentlemen Singers and other soloists. Please accept this invitation to tour Europe at Christmastide.

Dagmar Pecková's Christmas album: 30 carols from Bohemia, Moravia, and all around Europe
German carol
1. Maria durch ein Dornwald ging 03:02
Italian carol
2. Dormi, dormi, bel bambin 01:38
Italian carol
3. Gesu bambin l'e nato 02:41
John Francis Wade
4. Adeste fideles 02:27
German carol
5. Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht 03:59
German carol
6. Josef, lieber Josef mein 01:58
French carol
7. Les anges dans nos campagnes 02:09
Polish carol
8. Lulajze Jezuniu 05:12
Belgian carol
9. Nu is die roe 04:12
English carol
10. Ding! Dong! 01:54
Swedish carol
11. När juldagsmorgon 02:13
Dutch carol
12. De herdetjes lagen bij nachte 03:19
Swiss carol
13. Ihr klare Seraphim 01:31
English carol
14. Good King Wenceslas 02:29
Matěj Václav Šteyer
15. Hudba pro čas vánoc 04:27
Matěj Václav Šteyer
16. Zvěstujem vám radost 02:33
Jiří Třanovský
17. Bůh se nyní narodil 02:35
Adam Václav Michna z Otradovic
18. Chtíc aby spal - Vánoční noc 03:36
Matěj Václav Šteyer
19. Otce nebeského 02:52
Matěj Václav Šteyer
20. Nuž, andělíčkové 01:32
Matěj Václav Šteyer
21. Veselé vánoční hody 03:01
Matěj Václav Šteyer
22. Děťátko se narodilo 03:41
Matěj Václav Šteyer
23. Raduj se všecko stvoření 01:12
Czech carol
24. Vánoční intermezzo 01:38
Czech carol
25. Jozef, můj kochany 02:31
Czech carol
26. Ej, poslyšte kamarádi 03:04
Czech carol
27. Poslechněte lidé 02:03
Czech carol
28. Dej vám Pán Bůh dobrej den 01:18
Czech carol
29. Radujte se ptáčátka 01:42
Czech carol
30. Hle, hle, támhle v Betlémě 02:17

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