20th November 1990

Contract with France’s Vogue

On 20 November 1990, Supraphon signed a contract with the French record company Vogue for 1991–1995. On this occasion, the negotiations were conducted in Prague by its President, Jean Louis Detry, and the French Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, Jean Gueguinou. The contract set forth Supraphon’s ex­clusive representation within the Vogue catalogue for France, Andorra and Monaco. The two companies had been co-operating since 1987, yet in the autumn of 1990 their relations were established on a solid contractual foundation. Whereas in 1989 Vogue took over 75,000 CDs, amounting to two million French francs, within three quarters of 1990 it assumed 60,000 discs, totalling the value of 1.7 million francs.