1st May 1953

Czechoslovak Television broadcasts start

In 1953, Czechoslovak Television launched its broadcasting activity. Until the late 1980s, Supraphon frequently collaborated with Czechoslovak Television on the creation of music programmes. A number of recordings for Supraphon albums were made in the specialised Czechoslovak Television studios. Supraphon also provided playback, which from the 1960s was amply used on Czechoslovak Television pop music programmes. Several TV programmes even had the name of Supraphon in their titles (e.g. the Supraphon Album), and co-productions of TV broadcasts of opera and operetta performances were captured on Supraphon records (The Bartered Bride, Rusalka, Die Fledermaus, etc.). Owing to Czechoslovak Television, the 1960 saw the emergence of the first video clips, visually rendering the songs that had been released on Supraphon discs.