1st September 1950

Karel Ančerl

In the autumn of 1950, the post of chief conductor of the Czech Philharmonic was assumed by Karel Ančerl, who would hold it for 18 years. During that time, Supraphon released numerous recordings. Oddly enough, despite the culture sphere having been under the total control of the Communist party, in addition to ideologically focused titles (which have, deservedly, fallen into oblivion), this period saw the release of many classical music recordings of great and enduring value. Paradoxically, the political support provided to classical music gave rise to projects that have proved to be timeless and, what is more, equal in quality to those produced by Western European labels at the time. In 2002, the recordings made by Karel Ančerl conducting the Czech Philharmonic returned to the audience through Supraphon’s re­mastered CD edition, which, under the title “Ančerl Gold Series”, encompasses 42 albums and has earned the company a number of prestigious international awards.

Album detail
Catalogue number: SU 3661-2