1st September 1967

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

In the autumn of 1967, Panton released the very first LP made by the gifted Czech violinist Václav Hudeček, only 17 years old and a pupil of the celebrated David Oistrakh, featuring Niccolò Paganini’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. At the age of 15, Hudeček had triumphed at a concert in London, at which he appeared opposite the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Supraphon’s archive contains 1,430 minutes of music recorded by Hudeček. His 1992 album of Vivaldi’s Le quattro stagioni, made with Virtuosi di Praga and the conductor Pavel Kogan, was awarded a Platinum Disc and is one of Hudeček’s most successful Supraphon projects.