Passepied (from the Suite bergamasque)

  • Recorded: April 2021
  • Record Place: Český rozhlas Ostrava, Studio 1
  • First Release: 2022
  • (P) 2022 Český rozhlas
  • Genre: Chamber Music


  • music by: Claude Debussy
  • arrangement: Franco Cesarini
  • panflute: Liselotte Rokyta
  • piano: Eliška Novotná


Liselotte Rokyta, Eliška Novotná


Catalogue Number: SU 4311-2
Published: 22nd April 2022
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 1 CD
Liselotte Rokyta - Pan flute, Eliška Novotná - piano

One of the oldest musical instruments we know of, the Pan flute was played in many antique civilisations. The sophisticated type used in Romanian folk music is the most familiar to a contemporary audience. The virtuosos who brought fame to the Pan flute in the second half of the 20th century include the Romanian musicians Damian Luca, Radu Simion, Nicolae Pîrvu, Gheorghe Zamfir and Simion Stanciu. Liselotte Rokyta studied with four of the "Big Five" and also gained authentic Pan flute skills from folk players during a number of visits to Romania. The present album documents that the Pan flute also occupies an indispensable position in classical music. The pieces by Bartók and Porumbescu are arrangements of Romanian folk dances, in which the Pan flute is commonly employed. Debussy composed his Syrinx for the transverse flute, to which the Pan flute (or syrinx) would seem to be an equal variant. The other arrangements are based on 19th- and 20th-century French composers' works for the flute, as well as the piano and organ. You may have been hard pressed to imagine pieces by Varése, Honegger or Messiaen played on the Pan flute, yet you will certainly be engrossed by Liselotte Rokyta's performance. The respective composers would undoubtedly have written music for the Pan flute too had they had available a musician of her quality.

The enchanting voice of the nymph Syrinx in the realm of classical music


“The pan flute provides a completely new sound experience and this should actually contribute to its rehabilitation as a ‘classical’ instrument. Fascinating!”
Pizzicato, May 2022

“This is an irresistibly charming recital… There are two notable qualities to this album that stand out to me. One is the imaginative programming… the second is notable quality of this disc, namely, the superb artistry of Lisolotte Rokyta. Not surprisingly, I do not have a standard for the playing of the pan flute, but that does not prevent an appreciation for her beautiful tone, languid phrasing, and sheer joyousness. Czech pianist Eliška Novotná is a wonderful partner, and Supraphon’s re­corded sound is spectacular. In all, this is an enchanting and unique production. ”
Fanfare, January 2023

Béla Bartók
Romanian Folk Dances Sz 56
1. Jocul cu bâtă. Allegro moderato 01:19
2. Brâul. Allegro 00:33
3. Pe loc. Andante 01:56
4. Buciumeana. Moderato 01:40
5. Poarga Românească. Allegro 00:32
6. Mărun.el I & II 00:59
Claude Debussy
7. Clair de lune (from the Suite bergamasque) 05:11
Claude Debussy
8. Passepied (from the Suite bergamasque) 03:54
Arthur Honegger
9. Danse de la chévre 04:42
André Caplet
10. Reverie 04:20
André Caplet
11. Petite valse 02:41
Olivier Messiaen
12. L’ange aux parfums (from Les corps glorieux) 02:06
Olivier Messiaen
13. Subtilité des corps glorieux (from Les corps glorieux) 05:32
Ciprian Purumbescu
14. Hora Prahova 05:04
Ciprian Purumbescu
15. Hora detrunchiaţilor 03:10
Edgard Varése
16. Density 21.5 04:35
Claude Debussy
17. Reverie 04:28
Claude Debussy
18. Syrinx 04:20

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