Concerto in C, Op. XIX, No. 1


  • Recorded: November 2008
  • Record Place: the Theresian Hall of the Břevnov Monastery
  • First Release: 2009
  • (P) 2009 SUPRAPHON a.s.
  • Genre: Vocal - Religious


  • music by: Valentin Rathgeber
  • conductor: Robert Hugo
  • musical group: Capella Regia Praha


Capella Regia Praha, Robert Hugo

Jacob: Missa Dei Filii. Music from Eighteenth-Century Prague

Catalogue Number: SU 3971-2
Published: 26th June 2009
Genre: Vocal - Religious
Format: 1 CD
This album has received following awards:
  • IRR Outstanding, International Record Review, December 2009 (2009)
  • Gramophone Editor´s Choice (2010)
Throughout the 18th century, Prague was a significant European centre. When it comes to music, it fused in a singular manner influences primarily from Dresden, Vienna and Italy with the famous Czech musicality and folk culture. In a superlative and historically knowledgeable interpretation, the newly originating cycle "Music from Eighteen-Century Prague" will map the-yet-to-be-appreciatedwealth which is still being discovered in Prague, Czech and foreign archives and which directly reflects the variegated picture of the musical life of the capital. Václav Gunther Jacob's "Missa Dei Filii", which in world premiere opens this series, is an example of the creation of one of the most popular composers from the Czech lands in the first third of the 18th century. Jacob was primarily synonymous with the Benedictine Monastery of Saint Nicholas in Prague's Old Town, yet thanks to several printed music collections his fame spread far beyond the country's borders (prints have been preserved in, for example, Munich and Bologna) and earned him a number of commissions from abroad. Through this CD, the remarkable work of the stylisticallyhighly original composer has for the first time in centuries the opportunity to draw the attention it deserves and be listened to by lovers of Baroque music. The recording is noteworthy for its vivacity and stylistic purity - attributes characteristic of Capella Regia Praha.

The world premiere of V. G. Jacob's Baroque mass opens the new edition series Music from Eighteen-Century Prague.
Václav Gunther Jacob
1. Dixit Dominus 14:51
Valentin Rathgeber
Concerto in F, Op. XIX, No.3
2. Allegro 01:33
3. Adagio 00:46
4. Allegro 01:27
Václav Gunther Jacob
Missa dei filli. Acratismus pro honore Dei, Op. II., Praga
5. Kyrie - Kyrie 02:11
6. Kyrie - Christe 01:59
7. Kyrie - Kyrie II 02:02
8. Gloria - Et in terra 01:02
9. Gloria - Laudamus 03:04
10. Gloria - Domine Deus 02:28
11. Gloria - Qui tollis 01:29
12. Gloria - Quoniam 02:15
13. Gloria - Cum Sancto 02:00
Valentin Rathgeber
Concerto in D, Op.VI, No.6
14. Allegro 02:18
15. Adagio 00:58
16. Allegro 02:04
Václav Gunther Jacob
Missa dei filli. Acratismus pro honore Dei, Op. II., Praga
17. Credo - Patrem 01:36
18. Credo - Et incarnatus - Crucifixus 04:21
19. Credo - Et resurrexit 03:06
Václav Gunther Jacob
Laetetur omne saeculum / Offertorium de Sancto Adalberto
20. Sonata - Laetetur omne saeculum (Tutti) 03:29
21. Quem Jesus (Aria) 02:36
22. Ipse intercedat (Tutti) 01:28
Václav Gunther Jacob
Missa dei filli. Acratismus pro honore Dei, Op. II., Praga
23. Sanctus - Hosana 03:29
24. Sanctus - Benedictus - Hosana 04:02
Václav Gunther Jacob
Missa dei filli. Acratismus pro honore Dei, Op. II., Praga
25. Agnus Dei 01:55
26. Agnus Dei - Dona nobis pacem 02:01
Valentin Rathgeber
Concerto in C, Op. XIX, No. 1
27. Allegro 01:21
28. Adagio 01:01
29. Allegro 01:57
Václav Gunther Jacob
30. Vezirius Turcicus 04:43