Czech Philharmonic, Václav Talich

Talich Special Edition 6. Smetana: My Country

Catalogue Number: SU 3826-2
Published: 17th March 2006
First release: SUPRAPHON, 1955
Genre: Orchestral
Format: 1 CD
This album has received following awards:
  • Diapason d´Or, Diapason Magazine (2006)
The third and most mature of Talich's recordings of My Country

- One of the treasures of Czech music in a fascinating interpretation by the Czech Philharmonic, conducted by Václav Talich - majestic Vyšehrad, energetic Vltava, passionate Šárka, lyrical Fields and Groves, suggestive Tábor, triumphant Blaník.
- My Country - a lifelong artistic challenge for Václav Talich.
- "It is a most clear and dear expression which you convey to us with such love, which strengthens our hope and faith." wrote Talich's listeners of My Country during WWII.
- The third and most mature of Talich's recordings of My Country, following his versions of 1929 and 1940.
Bedřich Smetana
My Country. A Cycle of Symphonic Poems
1. Vyšehrad (Lento - Largo maestoso - Grandioso - Allegro vivo ma non agitato - Lento ma non troppo - Largamente) 14:08
2. Vltava (Allegro comodo, non agitato) 11:52
3. Šárka (Allegro con fuoco, ma non agitato - Piu moderato assai - Moderato ma con calore - Adagio. Moderato - Molto vivo) 09:44
4. Z českých luhů a hájů (Molto moderato - Allegro poco vivo, ma non troppo - Presto) 12:29
5. Tábor (Lento - Molto vivace - Lento maestoso) 12:37
6. Blaník (Allegro moderato - Andante non troppo - Piu allegro, ma non molto - Tempo di marcia - Largamente maestoso - Piu vivo) 14:13