Bonny Sweet Robin

  • Recorded: 28th April 1966
  • Record Place: Domovina Studio
  • First Release: 1966
  • (P) 1966 SUPRAPHON a.s.
  • Genre: Chamber Music


  • music by: John Munday
  • harpsichord: Zuzana Růžičková


Zuzana Růžičková

Harpsichord Music from England, Spain and Portugal

Catalogue Number: SU 4118-2
Published: 15th June 2012
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 2 CD
Keyboard music of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries from Spain and Portugal (Cabezón, Carvalho, Seixas, Soler) and England (Byrd, Bull, Croft, Morley, Dowland, Farnaby, Munday, Peerson, Richardson, Purcell)

Zuzana Růžičková - harpsichord

To celebrate the 85th birthday of the "First Lady of the Harpsichord", Supraphon is once more returning to Zuzana Růžičková's extensive discography. Hot on the heels of the previousrelease (SU 4117-2), dedicated to Bach, Scarlatti and 20th-century works, this CD is focused on the very beginnings of the history of the harpsichord and the music intended for this instrument.The period spanning the 16th-18th centuries delimitates (disregarding modern music) the entire epoch of the harpsichord's pre-eminence. Juxtaposing the harpsichord repertoire from the Iberian Peninsula with that hailing from the British Isles gives rise to interesting comparisons. Spain and England had bitter long-term political tensions, yet when it comes to the beginnings of music for keyboards we can find strong similarities between the two countries, including the influence of the powerful organ and lute traditions. Zuzana Růžičková's supreme musicality makes these recordings more than a document; her accounts allow this precious music to dazzle in fine shades of colour and light. These sublime recordings are being released on CD for the very first time.

Rediscovered gems recorded by the "First Lady of the Harpsichord"

CD 1

John Dowland
1. Mellancholy Galliard 03:00
John Dowland
2. The Shoemaker's Wife 01:10
John Dowland
3. My Lady Hundson's Puffe 01:00
Ferdinando Richardson
4. Pavane 03:15
5. Almand 01:47
John Bull
6. Dr. Bull's Juell 02:57
John Bull
7. In nomine 04:03
John Bull
8. Walsingham 05:57
John Bull
9. The King's Hunt 01:58
John Munday
10. Bonny Sweet Robin 02:05
Thomas Morley
11. Alman 02:09
Martin Peerson
12. The Fall Of The Leafe 02:29
William Byrd
13. Galiardas Passamezzo 05:45
Richard Farnaby
14. Nobodyes Gigge 04:07
Henry Purcell
15. Air 01:35
Henry Purcell
16. Canary 00:57
William Croft
17. Ground 03:17

CD 2

Antonio de Cabezón
1. Tiento for Harpsichord 03:08
Antonio de Cabezón
2. La dama le demanda for Harpsichord 03:11
Jose Antonio Carlos de Seixas
3. Sonata for Harpsichord in E minor 04:25
Jose Antonio Carlos de Seixas
4. Sonata for Harpsichord in C minor 04:40
Jose Antonio Carlos de Seixas
5. Toccata for Harpsichord in F minor 02:24
Joao de Sousa Carvalho
6. Toccata for Harpsichord 02:37
Joao de Sousa Carvalho
7. Andante for Harpsichord 02:56
Antonio Soler
Sonatas for Harpsichord
8. Sonata in E minor 03:41
9. Sonata in G major 04:03
10. Sonata in C major 09:04
11. Sonata in A minor 02:42
12. Sonata in F major 04:03
13. Sonata in D flat major 05:11