La Deposizione dalla croce di Gesú Cristo, Salvator nostro

Aria: "Resto cieca di core e di mente"

  • Recorded: 20th May 2016
  • Record Place: Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Vranov
  • First Release: 2016
  • (P) 2016 SUPRAPHON a.s.
  • Genre: Chamber Music


  • music by: Franz Xaver Richter
  • libretto by: Giovanni Claudio Pasquini
  • countertenor: Philipp Mathmann
  • conductor: Roman Válek
  • musical group: Czech Ensemble Baroque Orchestra


Czech Ensemble Baroque Orchestra, Czech Ensemble Baroque Choir, Roman Válek

Richter: La Deposizione dalla croce di Gesú Cristo

Catalogue Number: SU 4204-2
Published: 2nd December 2016
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 2 CD
This album has received following awards:
  • ClicMag - Sélection ClicMag! (2017)
Kateřina Kněžíková (Maddalena), Jaroslav Březina (Giuseppe d'Arimatea), Philippe Mathmann (Giovanni), Piotr Olech (Simone), Lenka Cafourková Ďuricová (Nicodemno), Czech Ensemble Baroque (orchestra & choir), conductor Roman Válek

When Franz Xaver Richter became member of the famous Mannheim orchestra in 1746, he found himself in the very centre of the progressive European music scene where a new era was being born in a proverbial melting pot of various influences. However, Richter never gave up his traditional baroque "craftsmanship" and after making himself acquainted with the most successful oratorio libretto by G. C. Pasquini, he set it to music entirely within the boundaries of his characteristic style, combining baroque composition principles (Fux-like counterpoint choruses) with the achievements of the nascent classicist style. For this he used the new 1744 version of the libretto intended for J. A. Hasse. La Deposizione, Richter's only Italian oratorio is a Goog-Friday pondering of Jesus's disciples over God's unconditional love and Christ's suffering on the cross. For the first time (and probably also the last) it was performed on the Good Friday of 1748 in the Mannheim court church of The Visitation of Our Lady. After the Strassbourg Requiem (Supraphon SU 4177-2), this premiere recording is another gemstone that the Czech Ensemble Baroque have added to the mosaic of Richter's remarkable, still little-researched oeuvre.

The World Premiere of the Only Italian Oratorio by F. X. Richter


“L’ensemble de Roman Valek se montre digne de l’illustre précurseur: l’ouverture en trois parties met en valeur ses sonorités rayonnantes, ses phrasés aérés et tenus, ses couleurs simples mais harmonieuses. Mêmes qualités d’équilibre et d’expression dans le choeur qui ouvre le drame, où l’émotion naît d’un beau métier contrapuntique.”
Diapason, June 2017

“Recorded in a richly resonant church acoustic, the balance of the recording manages to convey detail and rhythmic impact while preserving the spacious quality of the venue. The soloists are all excellent, the orchestra colourful and vibrant. There are only three choruses, but these are true highlights, adding weight by bookending the first part and rounding off the finale with some superb music.”
MusicWeb International, September 2017

CD 1

Franz Xaver Richter
La Deposizione dalla croce di Gesú Cristo, Salvator nostro
1. Allegro 02:51
2. Andantino 03:15
3. Presto 03:50
4. Coro: "Al crudo scempio atroce" 02:59
5. Recitativo: "Ah' quietatevi, amici" 01:56
6. Aria: "Quasi Agnelle tutti noi traviammo" 05:49
7. Recitativo: "Ma per deporre alfine" 01:47
8. Aria: "Ritorna a lui, che tiene" 07:14
9. Recitativo: "E vero: in questa croce" 02:46
10. Aria: "Colle torri diroccate" 07:03
11. Recitativo: "Or noi felice Prole" 03:49
12. Aria: "Caro mio Dio" 08:27
13. Recitativo: "Gia schiodato e Gesu" 01:27
14. Coro: "Tutto il tuo Sangue" 03:20

CD 2

Franz Xaver Richter
La Deposizione dalla croce di Gesú Cristo, Salvator nostro
1. Recitativo e accompagnato: "A si pietoso oggetto" 02:42
2. Aria: "Dovria bastarti, ingrato" 05:55
3. Recitativo: "A questi cori ingrati" 02:04
4. Aria: "Un guardo e bastante" 07:24
5. Recitativo: "Ma gia presso all' occaso" 02:50
6. Aria: "Il peccar fu di me degno" 07:40
7. Recitativo: "La Bonta del Signore" 03:11
8. Aria: "Resto cieca di core e di mente" 08:43
9. Recitativo: "Ah giovi a noi, sparso per noi" 02:50
10. Aria: "Ah se pura piu nel Core" 07:28
11. Coro: "Nulla siam fuora" 03:28

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