Czech Folk Songs

Tell me, my little star /Wedding songs and rhymes/

  • Recorded: 17th February 1995
  • Record Place: The Martínek Studio, Prague
  • First Release: 1995
  • (P) 1995 SUPRAPHON a.s.
  • Genre: Vocal - songs


  • music by: Czech Folk Song
  • original lyrics by: Czech Folk Song
  • singing: Ludiše Šmehlíková
  • conductor: Jaroslav Krček
  • musical group: Musica Bohemica


Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krček

Czech Folk Songs

Catalogue Number: SU 4019-2
Published: 26th March 2010
First release: Panton, 1995
Genre: Vocal - songs
Format: 2 CD
Musica Bohemica - Czech Folk Songs
from Karl Jaromír Erben's Czech National Folk Songs and Sayings (1862-64)

Musica Bohemica, artistic director Jaroslav Krček

For many generations, Erben's collection Czech National Folk Songs and Sayings (Prostonárodní písně a říkadla) has been a bible, treasure and resource for all lovers of Czech folklore. Since its founding more than 30 years ago, Musica Bohemia has been a synonym for the best Czech folk music performance both at home and abroad. The ensemble's outstanding musicality has opened the rich world of Czechh folk songs to audiences throughout Europe, thanks to versatile musician and composer Jaroslav Krček, whose erudition and distinctive musical signature have become the group's trademark qualities. In his sensitive arrangements, the folk song repertoire ceases to be an untouchable object in a museum case, becoming a living testament to human stories, emotions and experiences once again. Musica Bohemica has selected a number of the most beautiful songs from each thematic section of Erben's collection, giving us a window into the yearly rhythm of the seasons of a world gone by and the religious, spiritual and everyday life of its inhabitants.

This two-disc album returns to the market redesigned and remastered.

CD 1

Czech Folk Song
Czech Folk Songs
1. Hushabye, my little angel /Childhood/ 03:25
2. Rock-a-bye baby /Childhood/ 02:34
3. May God bless this house /Anniversary songs and rhymes/ 01:12
4. Play with a crib /Anniversary songs and rhymes/ 04:41
5. Happiness, health, holy peace /Anniversary songs and rhymes/ 01:13
6. The three Magi /Anniversary songs and rhymes/ 03:27
7. Shrovetide /Anniversary songs and rhymes/ 02:33
8. Playing at Queen /Anniversary songs and rhymes/ 02:12
9. Beneath the hill juniper /Anniversary songs and rhymes/ 02:42
10. The farmer went to a fair /Anniversary songs and rhymes/ 01:36
11. A big puddle at the Smiths' /Anniversary songs and rhymes/ 01:17
12. What the Hosinaks have done to us /Songs of youth and virginity - youth, beauty, joy/ 01:27
13. Spring is arriving - Come, boy /Songs of youth and virginity - youth, beauty, joy/ 01:45
14. A goose flew /Lovesickness/ 02:17
15. Water flows, flows /Lovesickness/ 02:26
16. Oh acorn, acorn /Lovesickness/ 01:46
17. By our lake /Lovesickness/ 02:25
18. One path leads to Tábor /Lovesickness/ 01:51
19. I would, my darling /Lovesickness/ 02:57
20. I had a sweetheart /Lovesickness/ 02:28
21. Hussars riding /Lovesickness/ 02:30
22. The road to Radvanov /Defiance/ 02:22
23. When you loved me - Protivín chateau /Defiance/ 02:30
24. It was raining cats and dogs /Defiance/ 01:27
25. Mary Kupcojic /Jokes and jibes/ 02:42
26. A pear tree in the open field /Jokes and jibes/ 01:37
27. Musicians, play for me /Music and dances/ 01:48
28. If it's true /Music and dances/ 02:16
29. I have a thorn in my left leg /Music and dances/ 01:07
30. I've got no spring in my step - If they were mine /Getting married/ 02:53

CD 2

Czech Folk Song
Czech Folk Songs
1. I find you so pretty, my beloved /Wedding songs and rhymes/ 02:06
2. Why have you got up so early, my sweetheart /Wedding songs and rhymes/ 01:42
3. Tell me, my little star /Wedding songs and rhymes/ 02:42
4. Twelve virgins fell asleep /Wedding songs and rhymes/ 04:50
5. My dear mother /Wedding songs and rhymes/ 03:20
6. On that bridge /Wedding songs and rhymes/ 01:50
7. May God love us /Social songs/ 03:40
8. They're drafting Martin /Social songs/ 01:09
9. When I served /Social songs/ 03:57
10. Klimánek wandered /Songs about professions, trades and other aspects of civilian life/ 02:23
11. I'm from Kutná Hora /Songs about professions, trades and other aspects of civilian life/ 01:59
12. A hunter shot a crow /Songs about professions, trades and other aspects of civilian life/ 02:33
13. They always ask /Farming/ 01:45
14. Look at the farmer /Farming/ 01:41
15. I'm a fellow from Vienna /Farming/ 02:00
16. Green grass /Farming/ 01:07
17. We're going to war /Military songs/ 01:50
18. When I went from Krumlov /Military songs/ 02:08
19. Hussars, hussars /Military songs/ 01:22
20. I, a little hussar /Military songs/ 01:16
21. Miletín neighbours /Historical reminiscences/ 01:09
22. The fiddlers wandered /Narrative songs/ 06:16
23. The shepherd grazes his sheep /Narrative songs/ 02:47
24. Oh, I had a dream last night /Narrative songs/ 02:14
25. A mother was walking /Narrative songs/ 02:23
26. Our Lady was standing /Narrative songs/ 02:29
27. Beneath a hill /Narrative songs/ 03:13
28. Mirotice chapel /Earthly vanity, death and funeral/ 03:48
29. Lull your lamentation /Funeral songs/ 03:00