Czech Ensemble Baroque, Roman Válek

Richter: Requiem

Catalogue Number: SU 4177-2
Published: 13th February 2015
Genre: Vocal - Religious
Format: 1 CD
"… he sat down in an armchair, pored over for the last time the score of the mourning music he himself had composed for his funeral, and - when lightly touched by the angel of death - bowed his head and passed away." C. F. Schubart's description of the death in 1789 of the eighty-year-old F. X. Richter, Kapellmeister of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame in Strasbourg, may be rather romantic (two years later an almost identical story related to the last moments of W. A. Mozart), yet when looking at the clean copy of the autograph score we cannot resist the idea that the Requiem encapsulates the quintessence of his legacy. A truly extraordinary figure, standing out among the plethora of Czech composers based abroad, Richter's singular musical phraseology reflects the places where he studied and worked: contrapuntal mastery (a pupil of J. J. Fux in Vienna), elements of Neapolitan opera, the Mannheim school… He had a reputation as a guardian of the traditions of the "genuine church style" at the time when the pre-Classicist galant style was taking hold. How striking a similarity with the "Dresden" Zelenka! Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Richter's music, his grand vocal works in particular, is still awaiting discovery. The two mourning pieces were written in Strasbourg, where Richter lived from 1769, the sacred Sinfonia con fuga came to light in Mannheim. The distinguished Czech Ensemble Baroque are among those who are today undertaking to mediate Richter's remarkable oeuvre.

The Requiem composed by Richter for his own journey to eternity - premiere recording.


“The performances by all-Czech period forces are competent, well-shaped and stylish. If you are interested in the music, you'll be content with them. The church acoustic takes away much chance of making the music bite but helps create an imposing, dignified yet unclogged sound.“
Gramophone, May 2015

Franz Xaver Richter
Sinfonia con fuga in G minor, Boer 29
1. Adagio 12:53
2. Andante 04:14
3. Presto 02:12
Franz Xaver Richter
De profundis clamavi a 12 voci
4. De profundis clamavi. Lento assai 01:52
5. Si iniquitates observaveris Domine. Andantino 02:57
6. A custodia matutina. Moderato 02:37
7. Quia apud Dominum misericordia. Grave 00:55
8. Et ipse redimet Israel. Moderato 01:33
9. Requiem aeternam. Largo 01:04
Franz Xaver Richter
Messa de Requiem a 16 voci in E flat major
10. Requiem aeternam. Poco lento 02:17
11. Te decet hymnus. Andantino 02:01
12. Kyrie. Moderato 03:29
13. Dies irae. Tempo giusto 03:14
14. Quid sum miser. Andantino 03:17
15. Confutatis maledictis. Allegro 01:19
16. Huic ergo parce Deus. Andantino 01:39
17. Offertorium Domine Jesu Christe. Andante 01:14
18. Quam olim Abrahae promisisti 01:12
19. Hostias et preces. Andantino - Quam olim Abrahae 05:21
20. Sanctus. Lento 00:52
21. Benedictus. Andantino 02:30
22. Osanna 01:38
23. Agnus Dei. Andantino 00:53
24. Dona eis requiem. Poco lento 00:33
25. Cum sanctis tuis in aeternum 02:18