Offertorium de Sanctis Tribus Regis "Ecce magi veniunt"

Chorus "Psallite Deo nostro"

  • Recorded: 28th July 2014
  • Record Place: The Church of Virgin Mary under the Chain, Prague
  • First Release: 2014
  • (P) 2014 SUPRAPHON a.s.
  • Genre: Orchestral


  • music by: Josef Antonín Sehling
  • original lyrics by: Sacred Lyrics
  • soprano: Hana Blažíková
  • contralto: Marta Fadljevičová
  • tenor: Václav Čížek
  • baritone: Tomáš Král
  • bass: Jaromír Nosek
  • musical group: Collegium Marianum


Collegium Marianum, Jana Semerádová

Sehling: Christmas in Prague Cathedral. Music from Eighteenth-Century Prague

Catalogue Number: SU 4174-2
Published: 24th October 2014
Genre: Orchestral
Format: 1 CD
Josef Antonín Sehling (1710-1756) - Rorate I & II, Aria per Adventu Domini "Donner und Hagel", Duetto "Vis ingens est favori", Motetti per la Nativit? di Nostro Signore "Deponite metum", "Dormi nate, mi mellite", Pastorales "Eja, laeti properemus", "Eja, surgite pastores", "Non sic cervus ad fluentem", "Dormi, tenellule", Aria per ogni festivit? "Vos stellae preclarae", Offertorium de Sanctis Tribus Regis "Ecce magi veniunt". Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741) - Sonata pastorale ? tre, KV 397

Hana Blažíková - soprano, Markéta Cukrová - alto, Tomáš Král - baritone, Collegium Marianum, artistic director: Jana Semerádová

Precious few countries can boast of a Christmas repertoire as ample and colourful as that possessed by the Czech Republic. The Baroque era imbued the texts of songs with enchanting, tender poetics - with awestruck yet perplexed shepherds enthusing about the beautiful infant Jesus. Later on, a growing number of formally more complex pieces (pastorales) were written, most of them taking the form of arias or duets with instrumental accompaniment. A notable composer in this respect was Josef Antonín Sehling. Although still anchored in the Baroque world, he paved the way for the accession of a new musical style. He studied in Vienna and subsequently worked in Prague as a member of Count Václav Morzin's renowned orchestra and as second violin at Saint Vitus Cathedral, although standing in as Kapellmeister over the long term (an interesting parallel can be drawn with Zelenka, the "counter-bassist" at the court orchestra in Dresden). Sehling was Kapellmeister of several Prague churches, including the Church of Our Lady under the Chain, where the present world premiere recording was made. The album features pieces intended for the period from Advent to Epiphany. Sehling's music contains the magic of Michna's songs yet concurrently opens upon a world familiar from Ryba's Christmas Mass...

Josef Antonín Sehling - Christmas music from the churches of Baroque Prague
Josef Antonín Sehling
1. Rorate Primo 01:38
Josef Antonín Sehling
2. Aria per Adventu Domini "Donner und Hagel" 06:46
Josef Antonín Sehling
3. Rorate Secondo 01:31
Josef Antonín Sehling
Motetto per la Nativita di Nostro Signore "Deponite metum"
4. Chorus "Deponite metum" 02:40
5. Recitativo "In Betlehem", Aria "Qui sidera movet" 02:33
6. Chorus "Alleluja" 01:58
Josef Antonín Sehling
7. Duetto "Vis ingens est favori" 06:31
Josef Antonín Sehling
8. Motetto per la Nativita di Nostro Signore "Dormi nate, mi mellite" 07:48
Johann Joseph Fux
Sonata pastorale a tre, KV 397
9. Adagio 00:54
10. Un poco allegro 02:08
Josef Antonín Sehling
11. Pastorella "Eja, laeti properemus" 05:11
Josef Antonín Sehling
12. Pastorella "Eja, surgite pastores" 06:46
Josef Antonín Sehling
13. Pastorella "Non sic cervus ad fluentem" 05:39
Josef Antonín Sehling
14. Aria per ogni festivita "Vos stellae preclarae" 05:52
Josef Antonín Sehling
15. Pastorella "Dormi, tenellule" 05:58
Josef Antonín Sehling
Offertorium de Sanctis Tribus Regis "Ecce magi veniunt"
16. "Ecce magi veniunt" 02:46
17. Recitativo "Venite adoremus", Arioso "Ego Casparus" 03:05
18. Chorus "Psallite Deo nostro" 01:33