Šárka. Opera in 3 Acts

Act 2 - It was cruel Vlasta did the deed..

  • Recorded: 16th August 2000
  • Record Place: The Dvořák Hall of Rudolfinum, Prague
  • First Release: 2001
  • (P) 2001 SUPRAPHON
  • Genre: Orchestral


  • music by: Leoš Janáček
  • libretto by: Julius Zeyer
  • soprano: Eva Urbanová
  • conductor: Charles Mackerras
  • musical group: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra


soloists, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra/Sir Charles Mackerras

Janáček: Šárka. Opera in 3 Acts

Catalogue Number: SU 3485-2
Published: 14th February 2001
Genre: Opera
This album has received following awards:
  • Gramophone Award nomination. London (2001)
  • Cannes Classical Award nomination (2002)
  • Grammy Awards 2 nominations, US (2002)
This world premiere of Leoš Janáček's opera, Šárka, in CD format is the last title making complete the series of Janáček opera recordings. The young Janáček began to write his first opera in 1887; in the following year he discontinued work on it and laid the unfinished opus aside. By the time he returned to Šárka, in 1918, he was a mature and respected composer. He then made a number of changes in the vocal parts, and involved his pupil Osvald Chlubna in work on the instrumentation of Act Three. Šárka was premiered by the Brno National Theatre, in November 1925. In its final version, the opera offers a combined projection of the youthful Janáček enchanted by the 1880s Romantic music, and the sophisticatedly original Janáček widely knownf for his masterpieces, Jenůfa and Káťa Kabanová. This project brought together a brilliant team of artists: the internationally renowned Janáčkian conductor and scholar Sir Charles Mackerras; star singers Eva Urbanová and Peter Straka as Šárka and Ctirad; and the excellent Czech Philharmonic Orchestra backed by the Czech Philharmonic Choir. For this particular occasion Universal Edition Wien produced new, critically revised performing material and score. This complete CD set of Janáček's Šárka ranks at the top of Supraphon's list of exclusive titles.
Leoš Janáček
Šárka. Opera in 3 Acts
1. Overture 04:06
2. Act 1 - Just like the sun setting o'er the hills.. 02:15
3. Act 1 - Who comes hither through the dark wood 04:58
4. Act 1 - O, hallowed silence 02:50
5. Act 1 - We rage throught the land 03:28
6. Act 1 - The castle deserted stands 02:01
7. Act 1 - Beholod, see this place to which I bring you... 06:52
8. Act 2 - Why did my heartd set to trembling... 02:44
9. Act 2 - O, blesse moon... 03:25
10. Act 2 - Tether me fast to this oak tree here.. 01:41
11. Act 2 - O, false deceit and guileful so... 03:15
12. Act 2 - It was cruel Vlasta did the deed.. 02:14
13. Act 2 - Ctirad I be.. 05:13
14. Act 2 - We rage through the land... 02:19
15. Act 3 - My soul's filled with a solemn foreboding 03:26
16. Act 3 - It was cruel Šárka did the deed... 01:50
17. Act 3 - Young Ctirad, just like a star falling.. 02:04
18. Act 3 - You stand amazed, gallant warriors.. 03:03
19. Act 3 - A sturday oak stood on a hill... 03:08
20. Act 3 - Leap up, flame, to the heavens... 02:49