Scythian Suite Op. 20

The Evil God and the Dance of the Pagan Monsters

  • Recorded: 4th February 1960
  • Record Place: The Dvořák Hall of Rudolfinum, Prague
  • First Release: 1960
  • (P) 1960 Český rozhlas
  • Genre: Orchestral


  • music by: Sergei Prokofiev
  • conductor: Karel Ančerl
  • musical group: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra


Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Karel Ančerl

Karel Ančerl Live Recordings

Catalogue Number: SU 4308-2
Published: 28th January 2022
Genre: Orchestral
Format: 15 CD
This album has received following awards:
  • Choc de Classica (2022)
  • Diapason d´Or, Diapason Magazine (2022)
Live recordings of Karel Ančerl from the Czech Radio archive

W. A. Mozart - Adagio in E major for Violin and Orchestra, K 261, Violin Concerto No. 5 in A major, K 219, Concerto for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra in C major, K 299, L. van Beethoven - Coriolan, Op. 62, Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello, Piano and Orchestra in C major, Op. 56, Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 36, Symphony No. 8 in F major, Op. 93. F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Symphony No. 4 in A major, Op. 90 'Italian'. M. P. Mussorgsky - Songs and Dances of Death. B. Smetana - Má vlast. A. Dvořák - Scherzo capriccioso, Op. 66, Symphony No. 7 in D minor, Op. 70, Symphony No. 8 in G major, Op. 88, Biblical Songs, Op. 99. J. B. Foerster - Symphony No. 4 in C minor, Op. 54 'Easter Eve'. V. Novák - Autumn Symphony, Op. 62, Pan, Op. 43. J. Suk - Asrael, Op. 27, Ripening, Op. 34. C. Debussy - La mer, Nocturnes. M. Ravel - Shéhérazade, Rapsodie espagnole. R. Strauss - Don Juan, Op. 20. E. Elgar - Introduction and Allegro for Strings, Op. 47. R. Vaughan Williams - Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. W. Piston - Toccata for Orchestra. I. Stravinsky - Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments. S. Prokofiev - Scythian Suite, Op. 20. P. Hindemith - Philharmonisches Konzert. W. Lutosławski - Musique fun?bre. B. Martinů - Concerto grosso, H 263, Symphony No. 1, H 289. E. Schulhoff - The Communist Manifesto - Oratorio. M. Kabeláč - Symphony No. 5 in B flat minor "Drammatica", Op. 41. I. Krejčí - Symphony No. 1 in D, Symphony No. 3 in D. J. Ježek - Phantasy for Piano and Orchestra. J. Novák - Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra. J. Pauer - Rhapsody for Orchestra. J. Feld - Concerto for Orchestra. J. Klusák - Variations on a Theme by Gustav Mahler

Josef Suk violin, Josef Chuchro cello, Jan Panenka piano, Alexandr Plocek violin, Géza Novák flute, Karel Patras harp, Ladislav Mráz bass, Suzanne Danco soprano, Smetana Quartet, Jan Novák & Eliška Nováková piano, Václav Holzknecht piano, Zdeněk Jílek piano, Libuše Domanínská soprano et al.
Prague Philharmonic Choir, choirmaster Josef Veselka
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (Ježek)

Conductor Karel Ančerl

Karel Ančerl. One of the most important conductors of post-war Europe. A man who survived the Nazi concentration camps and the avowed anti-Semitism of communist Czechoslovakia. An artist who, through enormous patience and dedication, built the Czech Philharmonic into a world-class orchestra and introduced it successfully at the most important concert halls. From 2002 to 2008, Supraphon issued the highly acclaimed Ančerl Gold Edition with the bulk of his artistic legacy, containing nearly his complete studio recordings with the Czech Philharmonic on 48 CDs. But that was far from everything. Hidden in the archive of Czech Radio, there is a wealth of concert recordings that gives us a more complete picture of this conductor. From that treasury, on 15 CDs, Supraphon has selected repertoire of which studio recordings were not made; that repertoire covers a broad range from Mozart to works by Ančerl's contemporaries. The recordings include masterpieces by Dvořák (Symphonies Nos. 7 and 8, Biblical Songs) and Suk (Asrael, Ripening), music by composers admired and promoted by Ančerl (Martinů Symphony No. 1 and Kabeláč Symphony No. 5), and major works of the worldwide 20th-century repertoire (Debussy, Ravel, Strauss, Prokofiev etc.). The only exception of a "duplication" of a studio recording is Smetana's Má vlast. This taping of a Prague Spring Festival concert in May 1968 was one of the last recordings Ančerl made before his definitive departure for Toronto. The concert recordings from the years 1949-1968 document the maturing of this remarkable artist perhaps even more clearly than his studio legacy.

Previously unpublished recordings by one of the great conductors of the 20th century


“Previous collections of performances under the baton of Karel Ančerl have emanated from numerous labels, both official and unofficial, and most significantly from Supraphon itself, whose Ančerl ‘Gold Edition’ returned virtually all of the conductor’s studio recordings for the label to circulation. That was a massive 43-CD undertaking, as handsome as it was musically enriching, but this new collection of Ančerl’s live recordings, which repertoirewise includes a number of disc premieres, is even more exciting… This is an extremely important set, very well transferred, superbly annotated (by Petr Kadlec) and sturdily presented. I can’t recommend it more highly than that.”
Gramophone, May 2022

“Un grand orchestre, un chef mythique, un label légendaire. Avec cette trilogie, l’auditeur est assuré de passer quelques moments incroyables, uniques. En écoutant les enregistrements live de l’Orchestre Philharmonique Tchèque sous la direction de Karel Ancerl par la radio tchèque et gravés par le label tchèque Supraphon, les impressions laissées donnent le sentiment d’une expérience assez incroyable.”
Hebdoscope, March 2022

“Cette véritable malle aux trésors profite d'un travail éditorial exemplaire (texte de présentation très développé) et d'une remastérisation soignée de bandes des années 1960 en majorité. Saluons aussi la diversité représentative des programmes du chef: dix titres de grand répertoire, onze du XXe siècle, vingt et un de musique tchèque. Tous ces témoignages sur le vif réaffirment haut et fort que la précision rythmique et le ciselage orchestral ont toujours constitué la base des interprétations d' Ančerl.”
Classica, May 2022

“This Supraphon box of 15 CDs comes as the answer to a prayer to all those music lovers who value the sound of the Czech Philharmonic at its very peak, under one of the twentieth century's greatest conductors. From Mozart and Beethoven, to Smetana, Dvořák, Suk, Novák (two different ones), Martinu, and a host of little-known Czech composers, including Schulhoff's Com­munist Manifesto oratorio, this set is a treasure-trove for collectors.”, May 2022

“Trois trésors rendent ce coffret indispensable: une Symphonie no 7 de Dvorak d’une décapante ardeur en 1962; un Don Juan de Strauss en 1965, alors que nous ne connaissions sous sa baguette que Till… Réserves minimes, balayées par une somme de documents majeurs et nombre d’inédits pertinents et inattendus (Toccata de Piston, Musique funèbre de Lutoslawski), élargissant le répertoire enregistré connu du chef.”
Diapason, June 2022

“Go and buy this new 15 CD box, which contains a wealth of material sourced from the archives of Czech Radio. There’s loads here which Ančerl didn’t record commercially. The live recordings, mostly captured in detailed mono sound, are captivating; the orchestra’s sig­nature sound immediately recognisable and the performances full of colour… This is an important release; Ančerl was indisputably one of the last century’s truly great conductors, and this well-packaged, superbly annotated box set does him proud.”
The Arts Desk, June 2022

“Unearthed from the Czech radio archives, this collection includes some previously unpublished recordings making this set a must-have for collectors of one the 20th century’s greatest conductors. All will recognize the orchestra’s sig­nature sound and be thrilled with this collection of music from well-known names and many little-known Czech composers. ”
The Whole Note, February 2023

CD 1

Bedřich Smetana
Má vlast
1. Vyšehrad 13:58
2. Vltava 11:50
3. Šárka 10:01
4. From Bohemian Fields and Groves 12:04
5. Tábor 12:32
6. Blaník 13:59

CD 2

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1. Adagio in E major for Violin and Orchestra E major K 261 07:09
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Violin Concerto No. 5 A major K 219
2. Allegro aperto 09:35
3. Adagio 10:16
4. Rondeau. Tempo di Menuetto 09:19
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra C major K 299
5. Allegro 10:24
6. Andantino 06:45
7. Rondo. Allegro 09:06
Antonín Dvořák
8. Scherzo capriccioso Op. 66 B 131 13:41

CD 3

Ludwig van Beethoven
1. Coriolan. Overture Op. 62 08:34
Ludwig van Beethoven
Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello, Piano and Orchestra C major Op. 56
2. Allegro 17:00
3. Largo 04:58
4. Rondo alla polacca 13:05
Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 2 D major Op. 36
5. Adagio molto - Allegro con brio 10:12
6. Larghetto 10:25
7. Scherzo. Allegro 03:51
8. Allegro molto 07:06

CD 4

Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 8 F major Op. 93
1. Allegro vivace e con brio 09:44
2. Allegretto scherzando 03:53
3. Tempo di menuetto 04:19
4. Allegro vivace 07:18
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Symphony No. 4 A major Op. 90 Italian
5. Allegro vivace 07:47
6. Andante con moto 06:26
7. Con moto moderato 06:27
8. Saltarello. Presto 05:45
Richard Strauss
9. Don Juan Op. 20 16:10

CD 5

Antonín Dvořák
Symphony No. 7 D minor Op. 70 B 141
1. Allegro maestoso 10:18
2. Poco adagio 08:19
3. Scherzo. Vivace 07:12
4. Finale. Allegro 08:43
Antonín Dvořák
Symphony No. 8 G major Op. 88 B 163
5. Allegro con brio 09:24
6. Adagio 10:16
7. Allegretto grazioso 06:15
8. Allegro ma non troppo 09:56

CD 6

Antonín Dvořák
Biblical Songs Op. 99 B 189
1. Oblak a mrákota 02:24
2. Skrýše má a pavéza má 01:58
3. Slyš, ó, Bože! Slyš modlitbu mou 03:09
4. Hospodin jest můj pastýř 02:13
5. Bože, Bože, píseň novou 03:12
Josef Suk
Asrael. Symphony for Large Orchestra C minor Op. 27
6. Andante sostenuto 15:10
7. Andante 07:44
8. Vivace 11:29
9. Adagio 10:17
10. Adagio e maestoso 14:14

CD 7

Josef Suk
1. The Ripening Op. 34 37:13
Josef Bohuslav Foerster
Symphony No. 4 C minor Op. 54 Easter Eve
2. Molto sostenuto 11:30
3. Allegro deciso 09:32
4. Andante sostenuto 06:14
5. Lento lugubre - Allegro moderato 09:43

CD 8

Jan Klusák
1. Variations on a Theme by Gustav Mahler 18:57
Vítězslav Novák
Autumn Symphony Op. 62
2. Allegro appassionato 18:23
3. Bacchanale 16:52
4. Adagio 26:50

CD 9

Vítězslav Novák
Pan Op. 43
1. Prologue 06:57
2. Mountains 08:00
3. The Sea 08:05
4. The Forest 08:10
5. Woman 13:44
Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
Songs and Dances of Death (Trepak aus "Lieder und Tänze des Todes") IMM 64
6. Trepak 04:33
7. Lullaby 04:27
8. Serenade 05:30
9. Field Marshal 05:18

CD 10

Claude Debussy
The Sea
1. De l'aube a midi sur la mer 08:27
2. Jeux de vagues 06:23
3. Dialogue du vent et de la mer 07:18
Claude Debussy
4. Nuages 06:09
5. Fetes 05:33
6. Sirénes 09:58
Maurice Ravel
7. Asie 09:33
8. La flute enchantée 02:46
9. L'indifférent 03:58
Maurice Ravel
Rhapsodie Espagnole
10. Prélude a la nuit. Tres modéré 03:39
11. Malagueňa. Assez vif 02:12
12. Habanera. Assez lent et d'un rythme las 02:23
13. Feria. Assez animé 05:44

CD 11

Edward Elgar
1. Introduction and Allegro Op. 47 12:50
Ralph Vaughan Williams
2. Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis 16:01
Walter Piston
3. Toccata for Orchestra 08:09
Sergei Prokofiev
Scythian Suite Op. 20
4. Invocation to Veles and Ala 06:10
5. The Evil God and the Dance of the Pagan Monsters 03:24
6. Night 05:25
7. Lolly's Pursuit of the Evil God and the Sunrise 05:40
Witold Lutoslawski
Funeral Music for String Orchestra
8. Prologue 04:04
9. Metamorphoses 04:33
10. Apogeum 00:41
11. Epilogue 04:38

CD 12

Bohuslav Martinů
Concerto Grosso for Chamber Orchestra H 263
1. Allegro ma non troppo 04:15
2. Adagio 04:35
3. Allegretto 04:34
Bohuslav Martinů
Symphony No. 1 H 289
4. Moderato 08:59
5. Scherzo. Allegro 07:38
6. Largo 07:07
7. Allegro non troppo 09:45
Jan Novák
Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra
8. Allegro 11:22
9. Andante 07:18
10. Allegro molto 09:23

CD 13

Iša Krejčí
Symphony No. 1 D major
1. Lento - Allegro feroce 07:12
2. Scherzo 03:55
3. Allegretto moderato 07:00
4. Finale. Allegro vivo 06:07
Iša Krejčí
Symphony No. 3
5. Allegro 04:20
6. Scherzino. Presto prestissimo 02:15
7. Aria. Allegretto moderato 07:15
8. Molto allegro 03:37
Jaroslav Ježek
9. Phantasy for Piano and Orchestra 16:35
Igor Stravinsky
Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments
10. Largo - Allegro 07:40
11. Largo 06:42
12. Allegro 05:22

CD 14

Paul Hindemith
1. Philharmonisches Konzert 21:41
Jiří Pauer
2. Rhapsody for Orchestra 20:13
Miloslav Kabeláč
Symphony No. 5 B Flat minor Op. 41 Drammatica
3. Andante patetico - Allegro 11:24
4. Presto 07:02
5. Adagio 07:32
6. Andante - Allegro 13:36

CD 15

Jindřich Feld
Concerto for Orchestra
1. Introduzione. Andante - Allegro vivace 10:54
2. Andante non troppo e rubato 09:46
3. Allegro scherzando 07:44
4. Allegro con brio 10:47
Ervín Schulhoff
Communist manifesto
5. Es ist hohe Zeit. Moderato 06:15
6. Uns die Erde. Allegro ma non troppo 15:18
7. Das wollen wir! Allegro pesante 11:52
8. Vereinigt euch! Marcia (Vereinigt euch!) 03:21

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