• Recorded: 2019
  • Record Place: Sono Records, Czechmate Studio
  • First Release: 2019
  • (P) 2019 Animal Music
  • Genre: Jazz


  • music+lyrics: Beata Hlavenková
  • singing, piano: Beata Hlavenková
  • trumpet: Oskar Török
  • guitars: Patrick Karpentski
  • musical group: Concept Art Orchestra


Beata Hlavenková, Oskar Török


Catalogue Number: ANI078-2
Published: 25th October 2019
Genre: Jazz
Format: 1 CD
On her fifth album, pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková appears as singer for the first time. Her main musical partner on this album is Oskar Török who has contributed not only in his traditional role as trumpetist but also as drummer, percussionist and singer. The title SNĚ is a shortcut for everything that the album contains: poems (báSNĚ), songs (píSNĚ) and dreams (SNĚní). Beata has chosen poems by her favourite authors, Petr Borkovec and Bohuslav Reynek, and set them to music. Two of the sons are based on her own texts and two others musicalize lyrics by Dorota Barová and Martin Vedej. In foregrounding the song form on this album, Beata removes her music further away from the limits of jazz within which she used to operate, and brings it forward in the direction of contemporary cross-genre songwriting. Her unique style, however, is still very much recognizable.
Beata Hlavenková
1. Mehwa 04:37
2. Prameny 03:21
Beata Hlavenková
3. U rybníka 04:01
Beata Hlavenková
4. Slámka a slepýš křehký 04:46
5. Žena 03:40
Beata Hlavenková
6. Socha 04:06
Beata Hlavenková
7. Husa v mlze 04:30
Beata Hlavenková
8. Radost 04:02
Beata Hlavenková
9. Vzpomínka na samotu 04:39
Beata Hlavenková
10. Plávala 06:14
Beata Hlavenková
11. Zapomniane 02:59