Radek Baborák, Baborák Ensemble

Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante, Music for French Horn

Catalogue Number: SU 4251-2
Published: 5th October 2018
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 2 CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Sinfonia Concertante in E flat major for Flute, Oboe, French Horn, Bassoon and Orchestra, K 297b. Concert Pieces for French Horn and Strings: in E flat major K 370b, E major K 494a, Adagio in B flat major K 580a, Rondo in E flat major K 371, Andantino grazioso in B major K Zu 132/02, Presto assai in E major K 162. Twelve Duos for Two French Horns K 487/496a

Radek Baborák - French horn, conductor, Radovan Vlatković - French horn, Walter Auer - flute, Clara Dent-Bogányi - oboe, Bence Bogányi - bassoon. Baborák Ensemble

Warning: this recording is not intended for musicological purists. But if you love spontaneous music making in the most select of company, this is definitely the right recording for you. Radek Baborák, for example, does not hesitate to arrange a discarded movement from a symphony to add as the missing movements of an unfinished horn concerto. Of course, to tell the truth, didn't Mozart himself do the exact same thing countless times? In this way, the preserved fragments are turned into two "new horn concertos". The Sinfonia concertante for four wind instruments and orchestra, K 297b is a work surrounded by many mysteries, and it fits beautifully in this context of discovery. Here, it is recorded in Baborák's arrangement for Mozart's original instrumentation. Playing the solo parts are virtuosos from Europe's best orchestras. For the 12 horn duets - the only completely extant composition on this album played in its original instrumentation - Baborák's partner is another of today's legendary horn players, Radovan Vlatković. Radek Baborák and his friends are inviting you on an excursion to the world of their elder colleague Wolfgang Amadeus - with his inexhaustible supply of jokes, ideas, and colours.

The Mozart enchantment of Radek Baborák, part two


“An enchanting set, then; I’ve met several musicians who’ve argued that Baborák is the greatest living horn player. These performances ooze character, channelling Mozart’s cheekiness and his profundity. Good notes too, including an enjoyable interview with Baborák. Volume 3 is hopefully on the way.”
The Arts Desk, February 2019

“On ne peut nier l’attrait de ces raretés, servies par un corniste remarquable entre tous : clarté du phrasé, velouté du son, ornements trépidants, douceur poétique dans les mouvements lents. Les archets l’escortent avec délicatesse tout en accentuant une certaine euphorie bien venue (finale du second concerto).”
Diapason, March 2019

“The playing from both soloists and orchestra is infused with the kind of drive, spirit, bloom, alertness, boldness – call it what you will – that commands undivided attention from beginning to end… Everyone is on the same wavelength, phrases are lovingly and identically shaped, balance is perfect, and some of the virtuosic licks they toss off in the finale will make your hair stand on end… This is an essential release for all horn players and all Mozart aficionados.”
Fanfare, April 2019

“Baborak, who once held principal horn positions with Munich Philharmonic, Bamberg Symphony, and Berlin Philharmonic, plays expressively all the time. Superb recorded sound.”
American Record Guide, May 2019

CD 1

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1. Concert Piece E Flat major K 370b 08:12
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2. Adagio B Flat major K 580a 04:27
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
3. Rondo E Flat major K 371 05:55
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Twelve Duos for Two French Horns K 487/496a
4. Allegro 01:19
5. Menuetto. Allegretto 02:07
6. Andante 02:39
7. Polonaise 01:42
8. Larghetto 01:48
9. Menuetto 03:26
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
10. Concert Piece E major K 494a 09:37
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
11. Andantino grazioso B major K 132/02 03:47
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
12. Presto assai E major K 162 02:04

CD 2

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Twelve Duos for Two French Horns K 487/496a
1. Adagio 02:03
2. Allegro 01:24
3. Menuetto 02:10
4. Andante 01:19
5. Menuetto 02:04
6. Allegro 01:42
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sinfonia Concertante E Flat minor K 297b
7. Allegro 13:23
8. Adagio 08:23
9. Andantino con variazioni 09:06