A Bundle of Myrrh

  • Recorded: 24th September 2015
  • Record Place: the Church of St. Jacob, Zbraslav
  • First Release: 2015
  • (P) 2015 SUPRAPHON a.s.
  • Genre: Vocal - Religious


  • music by: Czech carol
  • original lyrics by: Czech carol
  • soprano+gothic harp: Hana Blažíková


Schola Gregoriana Pragensis

Carolus IV. - Rex et Imperator

Catalogue Number: SU 4193-2
Published: 19th February 2016
Genre: Vocal - Religious
Format: 1 CD
This album has received following awards:
  • Recording of the Month, MusicWeb International (2016)
Music in Prague during the reign of Charles IV: Guillaume de Machaut - Dame je sui cilz qui vueil / Fins cuer doulz, Mülich von Prag - Nun siht man aber beide. Otep myrhy, Anjelíku rozkochaný, Dřěvo se listem odiévá, office for the Feast of the Holy Lance and Nails, Alleluia Veselite se (Alleluia, Rejoice), Je languis, Sois tart, Cantio Prima declination, etc.

Schola Gregoriana Pragensis, Artistic Director: David Eben, Hana Blažíková - soprano, Gothic harp, Jakub Kydlíček - recorders

Under the reign of Charles IV (1316-1378), Prague acquired its magical beauty. The astonishing wealth of art and architecture that originated at the time is evident at first glance, yet the King also attended to the blossoming of the city's spiritual and cultural life. While Saint Vitus Cathedral was the most prominent centre of music, variegated genres also flourished at the Prague university (Latin sacred songs and French ars nova) and at the Emmaus Monastery, founded by Charles with the aim to pursue the Slavonic liturgy. Czech songs (The Bundle of Myrrh, The Wood Clads Itself with Leaves), which linked up to the tradition of German Minnesang, were performed in Prague too.
Generally known is Charles IV's reverence for saints and the attendant passion for collecting relics of holy men. The King even initiated the introduction of the Feast Day of the Holy Lance and Nails, part of whose chant repertoire is featured on this album, recorded by the renowned Schola Gregoriana Pragensis ensemble and the soprano Hana Blažíková. The chants and polyphonic songs are supplemented by secular music, with the result being a fascinating picture of the variegated music performed during the reign of Charles IV, showing all its forms.

From the cathedral, university and street: a fascinating picture of the musical life in Prague under Charles IV.


“Vocal delivery is uniformly placid, characterful and yet soft-centred, even in the polyphonic sections…instru­mental participation is sparing and, in the main, well judged.“
Gramophone, September 2016

Liturgická hudba
1. Cantio Plebs Domini 03:43
Liturgická hudba
2. Alleluia Virga Iesse floruit 01:56
Liturgická hudba
3. Sequentia Ave virgo singularis 04:30
Guillaume de Machaut
4. Dame je sui cilz qui vueil / Fins cuer doulz 03:04
Liturgická hudba
5. Antiphona In splendore 02:15
Liturgická hudba
6. Hymnus Pange lingua 02:29
Liturgická hudba
7. Lectio de homilia beati Augustini 01:20
Liturgická hudba
8. Responsorium Vibrans miles 03:00
Liturgická hudba
9. Cantio Salve mundi Domina 02:32
Liturgická hudba
10. Virelai Je languis 02:42
Liturgická hudba
11. Cantio Rubus incombustibilis 02:06
Liturgická hudba
12. Cantio Prima declinatio 04:18
Liturgická hudba
13. Virelai Sois tart 01:53
Mülich von Prague
14. Nun siht man aber beide 03:48
Czech carol
15. A Bundle of Myrrh 03:11
Czech Folk Song
16. Anjelíku rozkochaný 00:37
Czech Folk Song
17. Dřěvo se listem odiévá 04:07
Liturgická hudba
18. Lectio in festo s. Cyrilli et s. Methodii 03:01
Liturgická hudba
19. Alleluia Veselite se 01:50
Liturgická hudba
20. Responsorium Letare pia Aquensis ecclesia 02:03
Liturgická hudba
21. Stola Jacob 01:12
Folk Song
22. Saint Wenceslas 01:14
Liturgická hudba
23. Antiphona Laus alme sit Trinitati 05:02
Liturgická hudba
24. Quae est ista 01:40
Liturgická hudba
25. Responsorium Ecce Sigismundus 02:26
Liturgická hudba
26. Motetus Ave coronata 02:58

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