Eva Urbanová, Prague National Theatre Orchestra, Ondrej Lenárd

Italian Operatic Arias

Catalogue Number: SU 3763-2
Published: 20th October 2003
Genre: Opera
Format: 1 CD
Where else than in Italy should one seek for a repertoire offering countless brilliant opportunities for the most spectacular display of a grand voice and of immaculate soloist vocal technique? And where else than in the work of Veristic composers are these qualities wed to masterly dramatic feeling? Who else besides the Verists, moreover, is nearly as capable to keep their audiencesin a state of suspense, by the use of, among other devices, even such harmonic means as for instance sequences of chords of the seventh, augmented triads, and a wide variety of parallellisms? Now this treasure-laden soil so immensely rewarding for artists and audiences alike, was claimed for tilling by the Czech Republic's current Number One soprano, Eva Urbanová. She did so as part of her appearance at the 2003 edition of the Prague Spring international music festival, in a concert where her partners were some of the most competent forces then in town, including notably Slovak opera leading man Ondrej Lenárd. On that night Miss Urbanová's pliant yet at the same time sonorous voice met the highest expectations, and made Supraphon proud of enjoying the privilege of presenting her live festival performance to the broadest circle of audience.
Eva Urbanová's bet on Verismo arias yields triumph!
Vincenzo Bellini
La Norma. Opera in 2 Acts
1. Act 1 "Casta diva" 06:40
Francesco Cilea
Adriana Lecouvreur. Opera in 4 Acts
2. Act 1" Ecco, respiro appena" 03:42
3. Act 4 "Poveri fiori" 03:03
Jules Massenet
Thais. The Opera
4. Act 2 Meditation 05:31
Giacomo Puccini
Edgar. Opera in 3 Acts
5. Act 3 "Adio mio dolce Amor" 03:40
Giacomo Puccini
Turandot. Opera in 3 Acts
6. Act 2 "In questa reggia" 06:09
Giacomo Puccini
Manon Lescaut. Opera in 4 Acts
7. Act 3 Intermezzo 05:16
8. Act 4 "Sola, perduta, abbandonata" - monologue 05:01
Alfredo Catalani
La Wally
9. Act 1 "Ebben? Ne andro lonta" 04:20
Pietro Mascagni
Cavalleria rusticana. Opera in 1 Act
10. Intermezzo 03:37
11. Inneggiamo, il Signor non e morto 04:16
12. Voi lo sapete, o mamma 04:05
Giuseppe Verdi
La Forza del destino. Opera in 4 Acts
13. La vergine degli angeli /2 Act/ 03:16
Giuseppe Verdi
Don Carlos. Opera in 5 Acts
14. Act 4 "O don fatale, o don crudel" 05:13