Florentine March, Op. 214

  • Recorded: 21st March 1983
  • Record Place: The Dvořák Hall of Rudolfinum, Prague
  • First Release: 1983
  • (P) 1983 Panton
  • Genre: Orchestral


  • music by: Julius Fučík
  • conductor: Václav Neumann
  • musical group: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra


Czech Philharmonic Orchestra/Václav Neumann

Kmoch, Fučík, Vačkář, Vacek: Old Czech Marches

Catalogue Number: SU 3557-2
Published: 29th August 2001
Genre: Orchestral
Small-scale, easily accessible pieces by music's giants are occasionally referred to as "Masters' smiles." The title presented here - a new compilation of earlier recordings - exemplifies in its own way the opposite. In their own times, the composers featured on its tracks did not cultivate symphonies or operas; rather, they contented themselves with the production of "utility" compositions, spontaneously following the dictates of their innate musical talents. Though their output never attained the status of national classics, their names did find their way into the niches of public memory, and more than a few of their works actually won lasting popularity. The likes of Julius Fučík, František Kmoch, Václav Vačkář or Karel Vacek definitely entered the annals of Czech music. An assortment of compositions from their legacy was taken up here with great gusto by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, performing under the baton of Václav Neumann.
Julius Fučík
1. Florentine March, Op. 214 05:08
Julius Fučík
2. Fanfare Sounds, Op. 278 03:31
Julius Fučík
3. Uncle Teddy, Op. 239 04:51
Julius Fučík
4. Under The Admiral's Flag, Op. 82 03:36
Julius Fučík
5. Hercegovac, Op. 235 03:04
Julius Fučík
6. Gladiators March, Op. 68 02:42
František Kmoch
7. Jarabáček 02:50
František Kmoch
8. Kolín March 02:06
Karel Pospíšil
9. Bai - Kai - Lai 02:54
František Kovářík
10. Round About Vyšehrad 02:35
Václav Vačkář
11. Riviera 02:27
František Zita
12. Fanfare March 02:13
Antonín Nývlt
13. Captain Řimek 02:48
Josef Flegl
14. Hail To The Chod Country! 03:08
Jan Uhlíř
15. Rival 02:12
Karel Vacek
16. Music Of Bohemia, Be Here To Stay! 02:35