Ich habe mich dem Heil entschworen, Op. 33, č. 8

  • Recorded: 30th September 2004
  • Record Place: Radio Studio DRS Zurich, Switzerland
  • First Release: 2005
  • (P) 2005 SUPRAPHON a.s.
  • Genre: Vocal - songs


  • music by: Othmar Schoeck
  • original lyrics by: Hafis
  • soprano: Martina Janková
  • piano: Gérard Wyss


Martina Janková

Voyage. Song Recital - Mussorgsky, Strauss, Dvořák & Schoeck

Catalogue Number: SU 4046-2
Published: 4th March 2011
Genre: Vocal - songs
Format: 1 CD
Songs by A. Dvořák, R. Strauss, M. Mussorgsky and O. Schoeck

Antonín Dvořák - Biblical Songs, Op. 99; Love Songs, Op. 83; Richard Strauss - Mädchenblumen, Op. 22; Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky - The Nursery

Martina Janková - soprano, Gérard Wyss - piano

The gracious young soprano Martina Janková has established a firm position amidst fierce international competition. Since 1998 she has been an Oper Zürich soloist and has featured in productions by conductors of such renown as Gardiner, Harnoncourt, Fedoseyev, Herreweghe, Rattle, etc. With Sir John Eliot Gardiner, she has recorded, among other things, Bach's cantatas. Yet Martina Jankovákeeps returning to the emotionally rich realm of the song.
"Voyage" is not merely a song recital. It is a journey from the child's wonderment at the colourfulness of the worldthrough amorous enthralment to self-knowledge and finally (in Dvořák's Biblical Songs) also to that which transcends us. A voyage through life in images, where every word and every tone bears a meaning of its own. In the songs, Martina Janková lets personal stories revive and peers into the innermost corners of the soul.

Martina Janková's "Voyage" - a journey into the mysteries of the soul and an invitation to an encounter.


“This is a particularly fine collection…[Jan­kova] has a wonderfully free, sweet upper range (she reaches up for high notes exquisitely, without a hint of strain or wobble). Her phrasing too is magically, richly flexible. In short, her vocal colouring is incredibly fresh and young-sounding…Those top notes are really something never to forget. A disc to treasure.“
Gramophone, September 2011

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
The Nursery
1. With Nanny 02:06
2. In the Corner 01:38
3. The Beetle 02:28
4. With the Doll 01:43
5. Evening Prayer 02:11
6. On the Hobby-Horse 03:24
7. The Cat 'Sailor' 02:17
Richard Strauss
Mädchenblumen, Op. 22
8. Kornblumen 02:16
9. Mohnblumen 01:20
10. Epheu 03:12
11. Wasserrose 03:39
Antonín Dvořák
Love Songs, Op. 83 (B160)
12. The happy flower unfurls not that's long our love's desire. Andante 01:50
13. Death dwells in many a human heart. Moderato 02:05
14. Now as by that house I tread. Allegretto 01:23
15. I know that in sweet hopefulness my love may I give thee. Poco sostenuto 02:12
16. Over the land reigns a peaceful repose. Allegretto grazioso 01:44
17. Lonely in the wood I stand, by the rushing brook. Andante 02:05
18. In the sweet power of thine eyes. Andante 01:48
19. My only dear one, my dear love. Poco lento 01:27
Othmar Schoeck
20. Dämmerung senkte sich von oben, Op. 19a, No.2 02:41
Othmar Schoeck
21. Auf ein Kind, Op. 20, č. 1 01:03
Othmar Schoeck
22. Ich habe mich dem Heil entschworen, Op. 33, č. 8 01:56
Antonín Dvořák
Biblical Songs. On text of Bible of Kralice, Op. 99 (B185)
23. Darkness and thunderclouds are round about Him. Andantino 01:59
24. Lord my shield, my refuge and hope art Thou. Andante 01:51
25. Hear, oh hear my prayer, Lord my God. Andante 03:01
26. Oh, my shepherd is the Lord. Andante 02:36
27. Songs of gladness will I sing Thee. Risoluto maestoso 02:32
28. Hear, oh Lord, my bitter cry. Andante 02:28
29. By the shore of the river Babylon. Andante 02:44
30. Oh, Lord, have mercy and turn Thou Thy face to me. Andante 02:34
31. My eyes will I to the hills lift up. Andante con moto 02:00
32. Oh, sing unto the Lord a joyful song. Allegro moderato 01:48