Sonata No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1001


  • Recorded: 17th June 2015
  • Record Place: The Prayer Hall in Korunní Street, Prague
  • First Release: 2015
  • (P) 2015 SUPRAPHON a.s.
  • Genre: Chamber Music


  • music by: Johann Sebastian Bach
  • violin: Pavel Šporcl


Pavel Šporcl

Bach: Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo

Catalogue Number: SU 4186-2
Published: 16th October 2015
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 2 CD
Johann Sebastian Bach - Sonatas and Partitas for violin solo, BWV 1001-1006

Pavel Šporcl - violin

Just like mountain climbers who striving to conquer the summits of high mountains, musicians also need challenges. The next summit that Pavel Šporcl has chosen to attempt is one that figuratively reaches to the heavens. Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for violin solo have already put the technique and musicianship of quite a few violinists to the test. Violin compositions without a basso continuo accompaniment were in general rather unusual, and these works in particular, with their many layers of musical content, place great demands on the performer, who must achieve both technical mastery and a mental grasp of several parallel lines all at once - the melody, the chordal accompaniment, and often even thematic material assigned to inner voices. The beautiful Ciaccona bringing the second Partita to a conclusion is among the most demanding works in the violin literature in terms of its length and its intricacy. Further increasing the already considerable challenge for the performer is the awareness that the first performer of these works was Bach himself. We will never get to hear Bach play these works, but Pavel Šporcl's interpretations will certainly be worthy of repeated listening for their technically refinement and stylistically purity, while also offering something personal and unique.

Bach's Sonatas and Partitas - the loveliest of challenges for Pavel Šporcl.


“Pavel Šporcl is a ‚modernist‘, playing a ten-year-old, highly decorated blue violin, at high pitch. There's no doubt of his dexterity and spirit when fast movements demand: his perpetuum mobile in the presto finale of Sonata No. 1 is hypnotic…[he is] less convincing in slower, more pensive movements…[but] the hugely taxing 11-minute Ciaconna ending the third Partita [is] a high point, full of expressive detail while retaining the ongoing musical thread.“
BBC Music Magazine, March 2016

CD 1

Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1001
1. Adagio 04:22
2. Fuga 05:52
3. Siciliana 03:32
4. Presto 04:13
Johann Sebastian Bach
Partita No.1 in B minor, BWV 1002
5. Allemanda 06:17
6. Double 03:16
7. Corrente 03:26
8. Double II 03:44
9. Sarabande 03:43
10. Double III 03:02
11. Tempo di Borea 03:25
12. Double IV 03:31
Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata No. 2 in A minor, BWV 1003
13. Grave 04:14
14. Fuga 08:56
15. Andante 05:33
16. Allegro 06:54

CD 2

Johann Sebastian Bach
Partita No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004
1. Allemanda 05:04
2. Corrente 02:46
3. Sarabanda 04:04
4. Giga 03:41
5. Ciaccona 15:03
Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata No. 3 in C major, BWV 1005
6. Adagio 04:20
7. Fuga 11:58
8. Largo 03:42
9. Allegro assai 04:55
Johann Sebastian Bach
Partita No. 3 in E major, BWV 1006
10. Preludio 03:52
11. Loure 04:38
12. Gavotte en Roundeau 02:49
13. Minuet I - II - I 04:12
14. Bourrée 01:25
15. Gigue 01:50