Lamenti e risolini. 8 Bagatelle per flauto ed arpa, Op. 53

Bagatelle No. 5

  • Recorded: 17th June 2015
  • Record Place: the Church of Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in Prague - Vinohrady
  • First Release: 2015
  • (P) 2015 SUPRAPHON a.s.
  • Genre: Chamber Music


  • music by: Miloslav Kabeláč
  • harp: Kateřina Englichová
  • flute: Carol Wincenc


Kateřina Englichová

Musica per Arpa

Catalogue Number: SU 4185-2
Published: 16th October 2015
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 1 CD
Benjamin Britten - Suite for harp, Klement Slavický - Musica per arpa*, Ilja Hurník - Tombeau de Köchel pour flute et arpe*, Miloslav Kabeláč - Lamenti e risolini / 8 Bagatelle per flauto ed arpa*, Luboš Sluka - Suite in modo classico per arpa sola*, Jiří Gemrot - Trio for oboe, harp, and piano*

Kateřina Englichová - harp, Carol Wincenc (USA) - transverse flute, Martin Kasík - piano, Vilém Veverka - oboe

Courage - one of the loveliest characteristics of the noteworthy harpist Kateřina Englichová. Her quest led her to the composers of the latter half of the twentieth century; she has given the premieres of a number of their works, some of which were dedicated to her. You can forget all about the romantic image of a beautiful woman gently strumming the harp strings with empty virtuosity that quickly becomes tiresome. Slavický, Hurník, and Kabeláč present the harp as a dynamic, assertive instrument of expressive versatility, challenging us to search the depths. They have taken their inspiration from the French suite (Sluka), Mozart's catchy tunes (Hurník), and the coloristic possibilities of the flute and harp (Kabeláč). To many, it may come as a surprise that the small Czech nation was producing so much innovative yet beautiful music for harp at the same time that Britten composed his Suite. In two works, the harpist partners with Carol Wincenc, the highly regarded American professor of flute at the Juilliard School, and in Gemrot's trio she is joined by the oboist Vilém Veverka and the pianist Martin Kasík. For those who are not afraid of the unknown, Kateřina Englichová discovers previously unknown beauty. And this discovery is worth hearing.

The revelatory, playful, and fiercely beautiful harp playing of Kateřina Englichová.
Benjamin Britten
Suite for Harp, Op. 83
1. Overture (Majestic) 03:21
2. Toccata (Fast and gay) 01:44
3. Nocturne (Slow and quiet) 03:56
4. Fuge (Lively) 01:24
5. Hymn (St. Denio) 06:19
Klement Slavický
Musica per arpa
6. Intermezzo lirico 05:25
7. Intermezzo responsoriale 03:34
8. Capriccio burlesco 04:57
Ilja Hurník
9. Tombeau de Köchel pour flute et arpe 08:03
Luboš Sluka
Suite in modo classico per arpa sola
10. Preludio 02:01
11. Minuetto 04:16
12. Rigaudon 02:21
13. Courante 01:47
14. Gigue 01:33
Miloslav Kabeláč
Lamenti e risolini. 8 Bagatelle per flauto ed arpa, Op. 53
15. Bagatelle No. 1 02:26
16. Bagatelle No. 2 01:42
17. Bagatelle No. 3 01:04
18. Bagatelle No. 4 02:19
19. Bagatelle No. 5 01:26
20. Bagatelle No. 6 01:06
21. Bagatelle No. 7 03:10
22. Bagatelle No. 8 01:45
Jiří Gemrot
Trio for Oboe, Harp and Piano
23. Risoluto e marcato 04:13
24. Allegretto 02:01
25. Allegro impetuoso 02:44
26. Largo 03:40
27. Andante tranquillo - Allegro molto 05:19

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