The record company SUPRAPHON a.s., one of the most traditional Czech brands and the largest Czech music label, sees changes to its management structure. In September 2023, its present Managing Director Iva Milerová becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors, while Commercial Director Libor Holeček becomes Managing Director and the management of the company, whose history goes back almost a hundred years and is closely related to the Czech music and culture scene, is being joined by thirty-five-year-old Martin Kudla. He has worked for Supraphon as a producer, A&R man, Digital Marketing Manager and since 2022 as Deputy Managing Director. He will now hold the post of Executive Director.


“After fourteen years as Supraphon’s Managing Director I feel it’s time for a change. It is a change that will maintain continuity – which is, in my opinion, extremely important for both Supraphon and its recording artists – and increase our ability to respond flexibly to the ever-changing trends in and development of the music business as such,” comments Milerová on the restructuring. As a new Chairman of the Board of Directors, she will be concentrating on the company’s strategic development.

The everyday management agenda of the music label, whose archive includes over 130,000 recordings ranging from pop and rock to classical to brass band music to jazz and spoken word, will now be the responsibility of Libor Holeček and Martin Kudla.


“The new division of management roles is the right step at the right time. Personally, I believe that the changes will be received positively by our colleagues and especially by the performers, authors, performing artists and producers that we have had the privilege to work with mostly for a long time and to mutual satisfaction,” adds Holeček, who – similarly to Milerová – has worked in the Czech music business since the 1990s and has been connected with Supraphon since 2010.

The new face in the ranks of the company’s management, Martin Kudla, is a Palacký University graduate in Music Theory and History. Apart from working for Supraphon he is active as an electric guitar and keyboard player.


“I am assuming the post of Executive Director with responsibility and respect. I would like to continue the work of the previous management, with whom I share many values. I will strive for Supraphon to keep thriving, providing professional services and being the first place for artists to find all they need for their success,” says Kudla.

The rejuvenation and restructuring of the management of Supraphon, whose activities include record publishing, licensing and synchronisation as well as artist booking and representation based on a 360-degree model, is a logical move signalling the future direction of the label registered as early as in 1932.


The largest independent Czech record company, whose catalogue boasts world-famous legends, perennial stars of modern pop and rock as well as a number of young hopefuls, is also very active in reflecting current trends in all music business spheres. Besides working actively with artists and looking for new talents, the next move in the following year is to be a general update of the brand’s visual identity and communication, which Supraphon is preparing for the first half of 2024.