We hope that this brand new catalogue will serve to help you find the required information about the recordings you are interested in. In the Classics part, CDs are sequenced in alphabetical order by composer and then by the name of the key piece on the CD. Titles with works by two to four composers are listed under the name of each of them. The archive series Talich Special Edition, Ančerl Gold Edition, Archiv are followed by the Music from Eighteenth-Century Prague series and the Collections part. This includes CDs with works by four or more composers and CDs that cannot be placed under individual composers. The DVD part ensues. After clicking on each album cover, you can also learn details about individual titles on our website, which provides a host of other updated information, and not only about our artists and recordings.

We firmly believe that you will find an abundance of beautiful music and inspiration in the catalogue and subsequently enjoy exquisite listening experiences.

View or download the catalogue here:…talogue-2020