Supraphon's clas­sical music publishing plan has already been carefully prepared a year in advance. This is a requirement not just of the international distributors that Supraphon now has in twenty-one countries around the world, but also of the demands of the individual preparatory stages of production that this particular type of music needs. Naturally, the publishing plan must also be flexible enough to respond to a whole range of unpredictable events and challenges.

Musical discoveries at the beginning of the year

The second half of January saw the publication of the Martinů Quartet's remar­kable new CD of the works of the Russian composer, pianist and teacher Sergei Taneyev, a contemporary of Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky. The main event for Supraphon in February will be the world premiere recording of the Baroque composer Franz Xaver Richter's Requiem. This piece is being performed on period instruments by the Czech Ensemble Baroque, under the leadership of the conductor Roman Válek.

A spring season full of stars

In March, we turn our attention to the new project by the successful mezzo-soprano Dagmar Pecková, with the controversial title Sinful Women, which Pecková performs with the Slovak Philharmonia and their passionate conductor Aleksandar Marković.

In April, the internationally celebrated Pavel Haas Quartet is bringing out its eagerly anticipated album of the string quartets of Bedřich Smetana. Another famous name in Supraphon's pu­blishing plan is the violinist Josef Špaček, who has recorded three of the key works by Czech composers: Dvořák's Violin Concerto in A minor, Suk's Fantasia in G minor and Janáček's concerto The Wandering of a Little Soul. Josef Špaček is accompanied by the Czech Philharmonia under its principal conductor Jiří Bělohlávek. In June we should see a recording of Janáček's Moravian Folk Songs, interpreted by the outstanding soprano Martina Janková with the pianist Ivo Kahánek. The guest performer on this recording is the baritone Tomáš Král.

Music of 18th Century Prague in 2015

Planned are also two new recordings from the extraordinary series The Music of 18th Century Prague, which last year reached it's thirteenth release. One of these new recordings will be Jiří Antonín Benda's sonatas for keyboard instruments, together with his songs. This project is the brainchild of the harpsichordist Edita Keglerová and the soprano Ivana Bilej Brouková, and with this CD Supraphon is commemorating the 220th anniversary of Benda's death. „For several years now we've been planning a recording of the remarkable lutenist Jan Čižmář focused on repertoire from the rich and fascinating Lobkowicz collection. It contains numerous beautiful pieces for lute that have never been recorded,“ explains Supraphon's Head of Production for Classic Music, Matouš Vlčinský.

Debuts and promises

Vlčinský has also more to say about Supraphon's in­tentions: „The publishing plan is very dynamic organism and it always depends on many factors exactly which projects come to fruition and are seen through to publication. So, if we manage to do everything we have planned we can look forward to a new recording by the organist Kateřina Chroboková, and we are also discussing a recording of some of Petr Eben's chamber works, as interpreted by the excellent Eben Trio.“ Neither the oboist Vilém Veverka nor the French horn player Přemysl Vojta are exactly debutants, but lovers of classical music can certainly look forward to their new recordings as well.