Musica Florea, Marek Štryncl

Voříšek: Missa in B-Flat Major - Tomášek: Messa con Graduale et Offertorio

Catalogue Number: SU 4022-2
Published: 21st May 2010
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 1 CD
J. V. H. Voříšek - Missa Solemnis in B, Op. 24 (1825),
Offertoria* (Mentis oppressae, Quoniam Iniquitatem), Graduale Benedictus es (1824)*
V. J. K. Tomášek - Messa con Graduale et Offertorio, Op. 46 (1813)*

Musica Florea, conductor: Marek Štryncl

New recording / * World premiere

Released in co-production with Czech Radio, live

In October 2009 in a church nearby the Charles Bridge the ensemble Musica Florea gave the modern premiere of sacred compositions by two composers whose creation presaged the advent of Romanticism. In the case of the better known of them, J. V. H. Voříšek, this CD brings his complete sacred oeuvre. In addition to the festive Mass in B major, which he himself called a musical oblation, Voříšek set two Offertories and a Gradual. His advanced contrapuntal thinking weds with the phraseology and harmonic techniques of Romanticism. Another revelation for the listeners will undoubtedly be the Mass created by Voříšek's teacher, V. J. K. Tomášek, which was performed in the 19th centuryby many church choirs throughout the Austrian Empire and in the territory of today's Germany. Just like in the case of Voříšek - no more independent arias; all soli are an elaborate part of the chorus and orchestra.

Following their provocative recording of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos (Supraphon SU 3942-2), on this CD too Musica Florea present works in a historically knowledgeable interpretation, replete with erudition, vivacity and their inherent sensibility.
Jan Hugo Václav Voříšek
Missa in B (Missa solemnis), Op. 24
1. Kyrie 03:06
2. Gloria 06:41
3. Graduale Benedictus es, Domine 01:59
4. Credo 07:59
5. Offertorium Mentis oppressae 03:18
6. Sanctus 01:09
7. Benedictus 02:26
8. Agnus Dei 04:23
Jan Hugo Václav Voříšek
9. Offertorium Quoniam iniquitatem 04:26
Václav Jan Křtitel Tomášek
Messa con Graduale et Offertorio, Op. 46
10. Kyrie 03:52
11. Gloria 06:21
12. Graduale Domine dominus noster 06:01
13. Credo 08:14
14. Offertorium Sperent in te 04:15
15. Sanctus 06:26
16. Agnus Dei 04:59