Prague Symphony Orchestra, Václav Smetáček

Dvořák: Te Deum, Mass in D major, Biblical Songs

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Catalogue Number: SU 4314-2
Published: 14th July 2023
Genre: Vocal
Format: 1 CD
Antonín Dvořák – Mass in D major for soli, choir, organ and orchestra, Op. 86; Biblical Songs for solo voice and orchestra, Op. 99; Te Deum for soli, choir and orchestra, Op. 103

Marcela Machotková – soprano, Stanislava Škatulová – alto, Oldřich Lindauer – tenor, Dalibor Jedlička – bass, Jindřich Jindrák – baritone, Maria Helenita Olivares – soprano, Gianni Maffeo – baritone, Prague Philharmonic Choir, chorus master: Josef Veselka, Prague Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Václav Smetáček

Antonín Dvořák was a deeply religious person, and sacred music duly constitutes a significant part of his oeuvre. The present album features three different types of works. The Mass in D major was commissioned by the composer’s patron Josef Hlávka for the inauguration of a country chapel. The Biblical Songs are highly intimate pieces, set to the Czech translation of Dvořák’s favourite Psalms, while Te Deum is a magnificent cantata for festive events, which, however, just like the other two works, affords space for contemplation and meditation. All three opuses are adorned with inspired melodies, as well as intriguing involvement of the solo singers and the choir. The album contains recordings made by the Prague Philharmonic Choir and the Prague Symphony Orchestra in 1969 and 1970. The Biblical Songs are performed by the baritone Jindřich Jindrák, a long-time soloist of the National Theatre in Prague.

Dvořák’s heartfelt sacred music, singularly performed by superb artists


“An excellent quartet of soloists and the superb Prague Philharmonic Choir give the composition the power and spiritual intensity it demands… The five Biblical Songs for solo voice and orchestra have a quite outstanding performer in baritone Jindrich Jindrak, who puts his magnificent voice and art of interpretation at the service of the music… The Te Deum is captivating for its again very committed music-making and singing. Smetacek conducts with a keen sense of this work’s catchy melodicism and vibrant colors.”
Pizzicato, August 2023

Antonín Dvořák
Mass for Soloists, Mixed Chorus, Organ and Orchestra in D major, Op. 86 (B 175)
1. Kyrie. Andante con moto 05:19
2. Gloria. Allegro vivo 08:08
3. Credo. Allegro moderato 12:45
4. Sanctus. Allegro maestoso (att.) 02:05
5. Benedictus. Lento 06:14
6. Agnus Dei. Andante 04:49
Antonín Dvořák
Biblical Songs. On text of Bible of Kralice, Op. 99 (B185)
7. Darkness and Thunderclouds Are Round About Him. Andantino 02:34
8. Lord My Shield, My Refuge and Hope Art Thou. Andante 02:15
9. Hear, Oh Hear My Prayer, Lord My God. Andante 03:27
10. Oh, My Shepherd Is the Lord. Andante 02:50
11. Songs of Gladness Will I Sing Thee. Risoluto maestoso 02:57
Antonín Dvořák
Te Deum for Soloists, Mixed Chorus and Orchestra, Op. 103 (B 176)
12. Te Deum laudamus. Allegro moderato, maestoso 05:48
13. Tu Rex gloriae. Lento maestoso 04:44
14. Aeterna fac cum sanctis. Vivace 02:45
15. Dignare Domine, die ista. Lento 05:53

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