Dorota Barová


Catalogue Number: ANI100-1
Published: 10th June 2022
Genre: Alternative
Format: 1 LP
Three years after her solo, award-winning debut "Iluzja" (Anděl Award), Dorota Barová releases her second album, also on Animal Music. Alongside her solo career, the singer and cellist has been known as member of the Tara Fuki duo, jazz band Vertigo, diverse projects authored by members of Korben Dallas and Tugriki, and has been a core member of Aneta Langerová's band. Album DOTYK (Touch) brings a collection of new songs and lyrics authored by Barová, which she recorded in trio with guitarist Miroslav Chyška (member of Illustratosphere, J.A.R. and Sexy Dancers) and bass guitarist Miloš Klápště (known for his collaboration with Aneta Langerová, MarZ, Janoušek-Wroblewski Quartet, Beata Hlavenková). The entire album is sung in Polish, the singer's chosen language. Besides her own lyrics, she has also included musicalizations of a poem by Polish poet Krzystof Kamil Baczyński and one text has been provided by Polish author and journalist Teresa Drozda. The intimate atmosphere and ingenious simpleness of the new album are remindful of some of the core qualities of the preceding "Iluzja".
1. Obok mnie 05:24
Dorota Barová
2. Cisza 03:51
3. Wiem 05:20
4. Słońcem jesteś (A Song for My Son) 04:10
5. Dotyk 04:53
6. Proszę 04:47
Dorota Barová
7. Poległym 06:06