The Survivors

Děti a rodiče

Catalogue Number: BR002
Published: 26th August 2021
Genre: Jazz
Format: 1 CD
Just as have The Survivors survived a falling light ramp at their concert, so do they strive to survive situations that current life puts in their way. Inspired by music that has already passed the test of time in domestic waters as well as in countries such as Brazil or Ghana, The Survivors create their own musical mix through their use of grooving rhythms and transformed children's melodies and tunes.
Their debut album Children and Parents is marked by fresh parenting of two members of the band as well as the recent covid era, when it was not possible to spend time otherwise than in a family circle. The record was created over three days in the autumn 2020 at the legendary Sono Records studio. The content of the album is influenced by the aesthetics of czech song writers like Radek Pastrňák, Ivan Mládek or Jan Werich, so that both children and parents can enjoy listening to it in the car or at home.
The band plays in the following line up: Jiří Slavík (vocals, guitar, tenor saxophone, piano, keyboards), Jiří Levíček (keyboards, clarinet, vocals), Jakub Tengler (drums, vocals).
Richard Jurist
1. Letí šíp 04:11
2. Velký medvěd 06:21
3. Krtek, zajíc, myš a ježek 02:44
Jiří Slavík
4. Sám ve školce 00:52
George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
5. Daisies in Green Pastures 07:52
6. Kulando 03:02
7. Kluci a stroje 04:16
8. Kolotoč 04:11
Jiří Slavík
9. Lara si upletla pomlázku 03:50
10. I Have Been Praying 04:35
11. Rodinný večer u televize 03:28
12. May It All Be OK 02:39
13. Family Highlife 06:27
Jiří Slavík
14. You’re a Dad Now 02:36