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Catalogue Number: ANI081-2
Published: 8th November 2019
Genre: Jazz
Format: 1 CD
Marcel Bárta, Dorota Barová, Oskar Török, Vojtěch Procházka, Rastislav Uhrík and Daniel Šoltis are distinct musical personalities who have been coming together for more than fifteen years in the original formation VERTIGO to create music of perfect harmony; music that knows no boundaries and that keeps exploring new directions and compositional as well as interpretational possibilities. Their fifth studio album on Animal Music, for which almost all the members of the band have provided their own authored music, is yet another proof of their originality and also an invitation to us to join them on a playful journey discovering far off horizons.
Marcel Bárta
1. Craveman 07:14
Vojtěch Procházka
2. Baletní suita pro začátečníky a mírně pokročilé 09:44
3. Kołysanka 06:43
Marcel Bárta
4. Apeiron 04:02
Marcel Bárta
5. Vtipálek 03:33
Marcel Bárta
6. Pod hladinou 05:01
Vojtěch Procházka
7. Hipsterjugend 06:50
Oskar Török
8. Za oblokmi 05:30
Daniel Šoltis
9. Kate 06:53
Marcel Bárta
10. Daleko 05:46
Vojtěch Procházka
11. FVNC 04:33