Various Artists

Janáček: The Cunning Little Vixen

Catalogue Number: SU 3981-2
Published: 27th February 2009
First release: SUPRAPHON, 1958
Genre: Opera
Format: 2 CD
This album has received following awards:
  • Scherzo histórico (2009)
  • Diapason d´Or, Diapason Magazine (2009)
Janáček's The Cunning Little Vixen has of late been appearing ever more frequently on the stages of opera houses worldwide. Two seemingly different worlds - the animal and human - blend together in their relentless cycle and consequently the work poses a great challenge to staging teams. Janáček's specific musical phraseology brings to the story a unique emotional depth which,given a heart-felt interpretation, resonates in the audience's souls. In Supraphon's catalogue this masterwork features in two complete recordings - those by the conductors Bohumil Gregor (1970) and Václav Neumann (1980). The latter had previously recorded the opera back in 1957 with the soloists Hana Böhmová (Bystrouška, the vixen), Rudolf Asmus (Forester), Libuše Domanínská (Goldskin,the fox) and other superlative singers.


CD 1

Leoš Janáček
The Cunning Little Vixen. Opera in 3 Acts
1. Act 1 - Introduction 03:17
2. Act 1, Scene 1: There is a Storm Coming 07:54
3. Act 1: Change of Scene - What a Surprise, Isn't It, Lapák? 05:56
4. Act 1, Scene 2: The Vixen Appears as a Maiden 03:46
5. Act 1, Scene 2: You Should Have Followed My Example! You Shouldn't Have Tried to Run Away! 04:40
6. Act 2: Introduction - Who Is It Making Such a Noise? 03:02
7. Act 2, Scene 4: Change of Scene - Yes, Things Will Be Much Better in Stráň! 08:00
8. Act 2, Scene 5: Either My Centre of Gravity Is Shifting or the Earth Is Turning from West to East 06:38
9. Act 2: Change of Scene - Goodness Me, How Handsome He Is! 15:00
10. Act 2, Scene 6: If You Only Knew What I Have Just Seen with My Own Eyes! 03:19

CD 2

Leoš Janáček
The Cunning Little Vixen. Opera in 3 Acts
1. Act 3, Introduction: When I Was a Vagabond... 06:42
2. Act 3, Scene 7: A Vixenn's Running through the Woods... 01:53
3. Act 3, Scene 7: How Many Children Have We Had? 05:40
4. Act 3, Change of Scene: Where Is Your Husband, Mrs. Pásek? 08:58
5. Act 3: Wasn't I Right? 07:15