Přemysl Vojta, Tomoko Sawano

French Horn in Prague

Catalogue Number: SU 4125-2
Published: 19th April 2013
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 1 CD
Jaroslav Kofroň - Sonatina; Klement Slavický - Capricci for French Horn and Piano, Musica per corno solo; Zdeněk Šesták - Concertino No. 2 in F major for French Horn and Piano; Emil Hlobil - Sonata per corno e pianoforte, Op. 21

Přemysl Vojta - French horn, Tomoko Sawano - piano

Horn-playing has a long tradition in Bohemia, ranging from the 18th century (J. V. Stich-Punto) to the Tylšar brothers and Radek Baborák. And Přemysl Vojta is without question a superlative pursuer of this line. He earned his most remarkable triumph in September 2010 at the ARD competition in Munich (1st prize, the audience award and two other special prizes). Upon receiving the Beethoven Ring at the Beethovenfest in Bonn, he joined the ranks of young stars of classical music (Gustavo Dudamel, Julia Fisher, Lisa Batiashvili, etc.). For his debut album, Přemysl Vojta, currently solo horn of the Staatskapelle Berlin, has chosen pieces by 20th-century Prague modernists. As he himself puts it: "Works by unknown composers who experienced World War II, the German occupation, liberation, occupation by the 'liberators' and the bullying by the communist regime. May this recording be a reminiscence of that time and the people who lived through it." In addition to reflecting the fraught epoch and Slavonic musicality in the Janáček spirit, these works place extreme technical demands on their performers. Přemysl Vojta, however, is up to the challenge and with true mastery duly demonstrates his belonging to the famous Czech horn tradition.

Přemysl Vojta - pursuing the famous Czech horn tradition with aplomb.
Jaroslav Kofroň
Sonatina per corno e piano
1. Allegro moderato 03:29
2. Andante 02:02
3. Allegretto 02:45
Zdeněk Šesták
Concertino for French Horn and Piano No 2. in F major
4. Poco moderato elegiaco 04:03
5. Allegro giusto 02:56
Klement Slavický
Capricci per corno e pianoforte
6. Capriccio drammatico 03:01
7. Capriccio lirico 06:05
8. Capriccio burlesco 05:03
Klement Slavický
Musica per corno solo
9. Prologo drammatico 04:53
10. Intermezzo lirico 05:33
11. Etuda bravura 03:25
Emil Hlobil
Sonata for French Horn and Piano, Op. 21
12. Animato 04:32
13. Lento 06:45
14. Vivace 05:32

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