Smetana Trio

Smetana, Suk & Novák: Piano Trios

Catalogue Number: SU 3810-2
Published: 25th April 2005
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 1 CD
- After the death of pianist and trio founder Josef Páleníček (1991), his son, cellist Jan
Páleníček, took up leadership of the ensemble. Today, the members of the Smetana Trio follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, combining trio repertoire with solo numbers in the glorious tradition of this chamber group. - This recording of triosby Czech composers is an excellent showcase for the artistic qualities of the ensemble. The individual pieces are imbued with the full-blooded musicianship of top artists.- The youngest member of the trio, Jana Nováková joined the ensemble in 2003, immediately becoming an equal partner to Jitka Čechová and Jan Páleníček. - "…the Smetana Trio's performance was marked by rare and outstanding ensemble playing. All the members of the trio have soloist abilities that lent a feeling of one greatcombined solo in the most extreme moments." Fränkischer Tag -Bamberg "Bedřich Smetana's G minor Piano Trio: Chills ran down our spines from thefirst phrase…" Süddeutsche Zeitung The Smetana Trio with a characteristic new recording of Czech trios
Bedřich Smetana
Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in G minor, Op. 15
1. Moderato assai 10:25
2. Allegro ma non agitato 07:51
3. Finale. Presto 08:34
Josef Suk
Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in C minor, Op. 2
4. Allegro 05:59
5. Andante 04:09
6. Vivace 05:01
Josef Suk
7. Elegie for Violin, Cello and Piano (Under the Impression of Zeyer's Vyšehrad), Op. 23 05:18
Vítězslav Novák
Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in D moll, Quasi una ballata, Op. 27
8. Andante tragico. Quasi Scherzo - Allegro burlesco. Piu tranquillo. Allegro. Andante 16:25