Collegium Marianum, Jana Semerádová

Brentner: Concertos & Arias. Music from Eighteenth-Century Prague

Catalogue Number: SU 3970-2
Published: 31st July 2009
Genre: Vocal
Format: 1 CD
In the first decades of the 18th century, Prague was a hotbed of musical creativity. Unfortunately, there is a paucity of preserved music sources, among which instrumental music is represented to an even lesser extent. The selection of Jan Josef Ignác Brentner's concertos Hor? pomeridian?, which this recording presents in its complete form for the first time, is an absolute rarityin the given area and was the first-ever instrumental music by a domestic composer published in Prague. However, Brentner's first published opus was Harmonica duodecatomeria ecclesiastica (1716),a selection of sacred arias. With four printed collections, Brentner was undoubtedly the most published domestic composer of his time. Thanks to their being inspired by the Italian musical style, his works spread far beyond the borders - through Jesuit missionaries they even got to the territory of today's Bolivia (!), where several copies have been preserved up to the present day.

Brentner, celebrated in his time yet soon forgotten, today rediscovered, richly deserves to be one of the first composers presented within the new series entitled "Music From Eighteenth-Century Prague".
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
1. Aria V. in G major (Harmonica duodecatometria ecclesiastica "Cor meum tibi dedo"), Op. 1 06:30
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
Concerto III. in B flat major (Horae pomeridianae), Op. 4
2. Largo 02:29
3. Allegro 01:57
4. Largo 00:34
5. Allegro 01:28
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
Concerto I. in G minor (Horae pomeridianae), Op. 4
6. Largo 02:20
7. Allegro 01:57
8. Bourrée 01:06
9. Capriccio. Presto 01:00
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
Aria XII. (Harmonica dudecatometria ecclesiastica), Op. 1
10. Sonata 01:44
11. Aria "O Deus, ego amo Te" 05:20
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
Concerto IV. in C minor (Horae pomeridianae), Op. 4
12. Largo 01:47
13. Allegro 02:13
14. Menuet 01:10
15. Gigue 01:19
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
Concerto IV. in G major (Horae pomeridianae), Op. 4
16. Largo 02:20
17. Allegro. Vigil Nocturnus - Der Nacht - Wächter 01:44
18. Menuet 01:23
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
19. Aria II. in C minor "Ubi Jesu" (Harmonica dudecatometria ecclesiastica), Op. 1 05:34
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
Concerto V. in F major (Horae pomeridianae), Op. 4
20. Largo 02:02
21. Allegro 01:30
22. Capriccio, Trio 01:42
Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
Concerto II. D minor (Horae pomeridianae), Op. 4
23. Adagio 02:18
24. Allegro 02:31
25. Adagio 01:46
26. Menuet 01:22
Šimon Brixi
27. Graduale Pro Dominica Quinquagesimae proprium in Aminor "Tu es Deus" 03:35