Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Václav Talich

Talich Special Edition 14. Händel: Oboe Concerto in G minor - Bach: Piano Concerto BWV 1052, Orchestral Suite BWV 1068

Catalogue Number: SU 3834-2
Published: 23rd March 2007
Genre: Orchestral
Format: 1 CD
Václav Talich and the young Sviatoslav Richter made this now-legendary recording of the Bach piano concerto on the evening before their joint concert in June, 1954. Richter had become the brightest star of that year's Prague Spring festival, the first at which Talich had been able to conduct after many years of being barred from performing by the communists. Bach, (along with Romantic composers and Russian composers) featured prominently in Richter's repertoire, and Talich had also been an avid propagator of Bach's Suite in D Minor in the Czech Republic in thelate 1940's. Also on this album: G. F. Händel's oboe concerto, performed by František Hanták, an outstanding soloist of the Czech Philharmonic.
Georg Friedrich Händel
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra No. 3 in G minor, HWV 287
1. Grave 04:10
2. Allegro 02:00
3. Sarabande. Largo 02:58
4. Allegro 02:22
Johann Sebastian Bach
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 in D minor, BWV 1052
5. Allegro 08:11
6. Adagio 08:37
7. Allegro 08:27
Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite in D major
8. Ouverture 08:00
9. Air 04:23
10. Gavotta I., II. 03:25
11. Bourrée 01:26
12. Gigue 02:04