Vladimír Říha, Smetana Quartet

Mozart, Brahms: Clarinet Quintets

Catalogue Number: SU 3969-2
Published: 20th February 2009
Genre: Chamber Music
The origination of Mozart's extensive Clarinet Quintet in A major (1789), as well as that of Brahms's opus some hundred years later (1891), was primarily inspired by the mastery of a virtuoso clarinettist. In the case of Mozart, it concerned the famous Anton Stadler, to whom the composer also dedicated other solo compositions for clarinet. The piece's 1789 premiere in Vienna was concurrently the premiere of the basset clarinet, in whose construction Stadler himself participated. Brahms wasinspired to write his Quintet by the clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld. Bearing witness to the composition's success is the fact that at its premiere (1891) the second movement with the melody spiced up "Hungarian-style" was repeated on no less than three occasions. The solo part on these archive recordings is played by Vladimír Říha, solo clarinettist of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra during the Talich, Ančerl and Kubelík eras. His mastery earned him numerous accolades, including the Grand Prix du disque de l'Academie Charles Cros for his splendid recording of Kramář's Concerto. Both of the recordings fall within the "first half" of the lifetime of the superb Smetana Quartet, which played a crucial role in establishingthe reputation of the "Czech quartet school" worldwide.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Quintet for Clarinet, 2 Violins, Viola and Cello in A major (Stadler-Quintet), K 581
1. Allegro 08:34
2. Larghetto 05:53
3. Menuetto 06:53
4. Allegretto con variazioni 08:44
Johannes Brahms
Quintet for Clarinet, 2 Violin, Viola and Cello in B minor, Op. 115
5. Allegro 09:18
6. Adagio 10:00
7. Andantino - Presto non assai, ma con sentimento 04:33
8. Con moto 09:16