Josef Suk, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Václav Neumann

Martinů: Violin Concertos, Rhapsody-Concerto

Catalogue Number: SU 3967-2
Published: 23rd January 2009
First release: SUPRAPHON, 1994
Genre: Orchestral
Format: 1 CD
This album has received following awards:
  • Grand Prix du Disque de l'Académie Charles Cros (1978)
In 1973, together with the conductor Georg Solti, Josef Suk premiered Martinů's first violin concerto in Chicago. This "Paris-era" concerto was originally written for the famous violinist Samuel Dushkin. However, it was later mislaid, only to be rediscovered and premiered some 40 years later. Josef Suk was a sound choice for the concerto's second life; his 1973 recordingwith the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra (together with Martinů's second, "American", violin concerto) won great accolades, including the Grand Prix du disque de l'Academie Charles Cros. In the wake of the two violin concertos, Rhapsody-Concerto for Viola and Orchestra could be deemed the third part of a trilogy written in the post-war chapter of Martinů's life. Suk'slegendary recordings, newly re-mastered, are released in the year marking the 80th birthday of the violinist and the 50th anniversary of the composer's death.

Legendary, critically acclaimedSuk recordings of Martinů's concertos in a newly re-mastered form.
Bohuslav Martinů
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 1, H. 226 (recte 228/233)
1. (Allegro moderato) 10:00
2. (Andante) att. 05:28
3. (Allegretto) 08:14
Bohuslav Martinů
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 2, H. 293
4. Andante 11:53
5. Andante moderato 07:30
6. Poco Allegro 08:19
Bohuslav Martinů
Rhapsody - Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, H. 337
7. Moderato 10:01
8. Molto adagio. Poco allegro 11:18