Pavel Šporcl, Petr Jiříkovský

Dvořák & Suk: Violin Works

Catalogue Number: SU 3884-2
Published: 13th October 2006
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 1 CD
This album has received following awards:
  • Gramophone Recommends (2007)
Pavel Šporcl, having released his first Dvořák CD last year, presents a second album of Dvořák pieces for violin and piano, choosing the Sonata, the miniature Nocturne, and especially the virtuoso Slavonic Dances transcribed for violin and piano by the legendary violin maestro Fritz Kreisler. Šporcl makes full use of all of the possibilities offered by the Dvořák pieces both from thestandpoint of violin performance as well as from the standpoint of sheer musicality; his Dvořák is full of color and nuance. The Dvořák repertoire is complemented by Josef Suk's well-knowncomposition Four Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op. 17. Here as well, Šporcl makes the most of the material. His invaluable partner at the piano is accompanist Petr Jiříkovský.

This recording is sure to impress listeners with Šporcl's technical skill and sensitive interpretation of the Czech repertoire.
Antonín Dvořák
Sonata for Violin and Piano in F major, Op. 57 (B. 106)
1. Allegro ma non troppo 12:04
2. Poco sostenuto 06:43
3. Allegro molto 05:20
Antonín Dvořák
4. Nocturne for Violina and Piano in B major, Op. 40 (B. 48) 05:37
Josef Suk
Four Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op. 17
5. Quasi balatta 05:35
6. Appassionato 04:05
7. Un poco triste 04:07
8. Burlesque 03:04
Antonín Dvořák
9. Slavonic Dance in E minor No. 2/10, Op. 72, B 147) 05:00
Antonín Dvořák
10. Slavonic Dance No. 1 in G minor (arr. No. 2 in E moll, Op. 46, B 83 and No. 1/9 in B major, Op. 72, B 147) 03:19
Antonín Dvořák
11. Slavonic Dance No. 3 in G major (arr. No. 8/16 in A flat major, Op. 72, B 147) 05:35