Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Mackerras

Janáček: Taras Bulba, Jealousy, Glagolitic mas

Catalogue Number: SU 7009-9
Published: 11th July 2005
Genre: Orchestral
Format: 1 DVD
- Sir Charles Mackerras is respected throughout the world as a Janáček authority, propagator, publisher and above all, conductor. He is celebrating his 80th birthday in November with a year fullof impressive musical activity.
- He has displayed his deep, lifelong knowledge of Janáček's music countless times both in the great concert halls and opera houses of the world, as well ason numerous recordings.
- Mackerras has received numerous awards, notably in recent years, the 2001 Gramophone Award and two nominations for the 2002 Grammy awards for his recording of Janáček's first opera Šárka.
- His Janáček recordings are also among the highlights of the Supraphon catalogue.
- Supraphon's January 2004 double album of Janáček's complete orchestral works performed by Mackerras and the Czech Philharmonic is now joined by a DVD of the monumental Glagolitic Mass. The DVD also features the overture Jealousy and the orchestral rhapsody Taras Bulba.

Sir Charles Mackerras' Janáček - a highlight of the Supraphon catalogue.
Leoš Janáček
Glagolitic Mass for soloists, chorus, orchestra and organ after an old Slavonic text, 1st version
1. Intrada 01:50
2. Introduction / Introitus 03:50
3. Gospodi pomiluj / Kyrie eleison 04:50
4. Slava / Gloria 06:30
5. Věruju / Credo 11:20
6. Svet / Sanctus 05:50
7. Agneče Božij / Agnus Dei 04:20
8. Postludium 04:20
9. Intrada 02:20
Leoš Janáček
10. Jealousy /Original Overture to the Opera Jenufa/ 06:13
Leoš Janáček
Taras Bulba. Rhapsody for Orchestra
11. The Death of Andri 10:20
12. The Death of Ostap 04:30
13. The Prophecy and Death of Taras Bulba 10:10