Various Artists

Fibich: Piano Quartet, Op. 11 & Quintet, Op. 42

Catalogue Number: SU 3487-2
Published: 17th May 2004
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 1 CD
This second compact disc, containing Zdeněk Fibich's piano quartet and quintet complements the first compilation, issued in 2001 (String Quartet in G major, String Quartet in A major, Theme and Variations, Panocha Quartet, SU 3470-2131). Fibich's complete chamber works, a small but significant collection of pieces, are now available to music lovers on two CDs. The composer, a consummate romantic, created true masterpieces which resonate with his distinctive artistic voice. Furthermore, this is the first digital recording of the D Major Piano Quintet in its original version with wind instruments.

The Piano Quartet and Piano Quintet - original works by a consummate romantic.
Zdeněk Fibich
Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano in E minor, Op. 11
1. Allegro moderato 11:50
2. Thema con variazioni. Adagio non troppo 09:38
3. Finale. Allegro energico 06:51
Zdeněk Fibich
Quintet for Piano, Clarinet, French horn, Violin and Cello in D major, Op. 42
4. Allegro non tanto 08:58
5. Largo 09:27
6. Scherzo. Con fuoco e feroce 06:38
7. Finale. Allegro con spirito 10:07