Iva Bittová, Škampa Quartet


Catalogue Number: SU 4092-2
Published: 30th March 2012
Genre: Chamber Music
Format: 1 CD
Pavel Fischer - String Quartets No. 1 "Moravia", No. 2 "Wild Mountain Thyme", No. 3 "Mad Piper", songs: Brodil Janko koně (Janko Waded Horses), Jedú chlapci, jedú (Boys on Horseback)
Iva Bittová - Hopáhop tálitá (string quartet)

Škampa Quartet (Helena Jiříkovská, Daniela Součková - violin, Radim Sedmidubský - viola, Lukáš Polák - cello), Iva Bittová, Pavel Fischer (vocals)

Neither the Škampa Quartet, who have established a firm position among the world's finest chamber ensembles, nor the phenomenal musician Iva Bittová needs any introduction. Both names relate to several groundbreaking projects (including a singular conception of Janáček's Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs, Supraphon SU 3794-2). The genre-bending Škampa Quartet invited Iva Bittová to participate as a composer in their new project. Yet the majority of the pieces have been written by Pavel Fischer, formerly the ensemble's first violin, whose Moravian musical roots and years with the Škampa Quartet have resulted in remarkable accomplishments. His compositions, inspired by Moravian, as well as Scottish, Balkan and Roma folklore, have earned the quartet enthusiastic responses on stages worldwide. Yet the "artificial form" hasn't reduced the sheer emotion, joy, sorrow and nostalgia so purely contained in folk music an iota. The common denominator - the earthy and torrential energy of the musicians.

Moravia - the unfettered energy of folk music as an inspiration for Pavel Fischer and Iva Bittová


”The young quartet…rarely stray from repertoire with its roots in Bohemian culture, which shows in their completely instinctive playing of this music…It is not to be underestimated how far the identity of the players can go towards making sense of the music itself.”
Gramophone, November 2012

Pavel Fischer
String Quartet No. 1 "Morava"
1. Lento - Allegro 03:28
2. Lento 04:24
3. Allegro 01:23
4. Molto adagio 04:04
5. Allegro 03:30
Pavel Fischer
6. Jedú chlapci, jedú for String Quartet and Voice 04:35
Pavel Fischer
7. Brodil Janko koně for String Quartet and Voice 05:05
Pavel Fischer
String Quartet No. 2 "Wild Mountain Thyme"
8. Jig 05:59
9. Wild Mountain Thyme 06:15
10. Reel 04:40
Pavel Fischer
String Quartet No. 3 "Mad Piper"
11. Mad Piper 06:13
12. Carpathian 01:34
13. Sad Piper 03:46
14. Ursari 04:31
Iva Bittová
15. Hopáhop tálitá. String Quartet 08:20