Sergio Azzolini, Xenia Löffler, Jana Semerádová, Lenka Torgersen, Collegium Marianum

Jiránek: Concertos. Music from Eighteenth-Century Prague

Catalogue Number: SU 4208-2
Published: 21st October 2016
Genre: Vocal - Religious
Format: 1 CD
This album has received following awards:
  • 5 diapasons, Diapason (2017)
  • KulturRadio CD Der Woche (2017)
  • Toccata CD Tip (2017)
František Jiránek (1698-1778) - Fagotový koncert G dur Jk 20, Hobojové koncerty B dur Jk 17 a F dur Jk 15, Flétnový koncert D dur Jk 11, Trojkoncert A dur pro housle, flétnu, violu d'amore, smyčce a basso continuo Jk 22. Antonio Vivaldi nebo František Jiránek - Houslový koncert D dur Anh. 8 / Jk Ap. 1

Sergio Azzolini - bassoon, Xenia Löffler - oboe, Jana Semerádová - flauto traverso, Lenka Torgersen - violin, Vojtěch Semerád - viola d'amoure, Collegium Marianum, artistic leader Jana Semerádová.

It was not long before the baroque composer and violinist in Count Morzin's court orchestra František Jiránek received the moniker of a "Czech Vivaldi". Musicologists discovered him only recently and his works are gradually being identified, as his authorship is disputable in some cases. This is because Jiránek was a gifted pupil of his teacher in Venice and his works thus bear strong Vivaldian influence. Musicians are also becoming more and more enthusiastic about the newly discovered composer - besides the ensemble of Jana Semerádová, his promoters include the phenomenal bassoonist Sergio Azzolini, whose unique recording of Jiránek's concertos (SU 4039-2) was received with great acclaim, and the renowned oboist Xenia Löffler. Despite all unclearness in the attribution of the works and some unusual features (such as the incorporation of the rarely used viola d'amour into Jiránek's Triple Concerto in A Major) the listeners are certain to find lively and virtuoso music on this recording of hitherto unheard compositions in top-class interpretation: a truly opulent baroque feast.

An opulent baroque feast by the "chef" František Jiránek


“Die Aufnahme beweist nicht nur Jiráneks Können – auffällig ist seine idiomatische Behandlung sowohl der Geige als auch der Blasinstrumente – sondern sie illustriert zugleich die exzellenten Fähigkeiten des Ensembles. In Kammerorchester­größe von nicht einmal einem Dutzend Musikern agierend, überzeugt es mit kernigem Ton und zupackendem Spiel.”
Kulturradio vom RBB, 24th October 2016

“Jiránek, like Vivaldi, has a particular talent for slow movements: so much is achieved with so little, and that’s as evident in the haunting Adagio of the Flute Concerto in D, with its keening solo melody, as it is in the sighing middle movement of the Triple Concerto in A. Elsewhere there are hits and misses. The oboe concertos sound like Vivaldi on autopilot, lively though they are. But the Bassoon Concerto in G is much more inventive, ingeniously exploiting the instrument’s tim­bre, whether in the lowing Adagio or in the genial outer movements. Sergio Azzolini, who has reconstructed the concluding ritornello for this incomplete concerto, is the outstanding soloist, while Collegium Marianum, under their artistic director Jana Semerádová, play with punch and attention to detail.”
Gramophone, March 2017

“Le Collegium Marianum, en effet, présente des couleurs, une cohésion, une verve collective qu'affichent peu d'ensembles baroques aujourd'hui. Le tout allié à une intégrité louable vis-à-vis du répertoire: sa discographie ne fait qu'exhumer des compositeurs méconnus d'Europe centrale.”
Diapason, March 2017

František Jiránek, Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto for Violin, Strings and Basso continuo in D major, RV Anh.8 / Jk Ap. 1
1. Allegro 06:11
2. Allegro 03:58
3. Allegro 06:13
František Jiránek
Concerto for Oboe, Strings and Basso continuo in B flat major, Jk 17
4. Allegro 04:01
5. Adagio 04:45
6. Allegro 02:59
František Jiránek
Concerto for Bassoon, Strings and Basso continuo in G major, Jk 20
7. Allegro 04:33
8. Adagio 03:10
9. Allegro 02:52
František Jiránek
Concerto for Flute, Strings and Basso continuo in D major, Jk 11
10. Allegro 03:18
11. Adagio 02:42
12. Allegro 03:16
František Jiránek
Concerto for Oboe, Strings and Basso continuo in F major, Jk 15
13. Allegro 03:50
14. Adagio 03:02
15. Allegro 03:28
František Jiránek
Triple Concerto for Flute, Violin, Viola d'amore, Strings and Basso continuo, Jk 22
16. (without tempo indication) 03:47
17. Larghetto 02:44
18. Allegro 03:06

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