Věra Heřmanová, Capella regia musicalis, Robert Hugo

Brixi: Concerto for Organ and Orchestra

Catalogue Number: SU 3741-2
Published: 7th July 2003
Genre: Orchestral
Format: 1 CD
One of Europe's most remarkable 18th-century composers, František Xaver Brixi (1732 - 1771) left behind a legacy centered around a number of concertos for organ with orchestra accompaniment. Here is a fresh recording of these works being released by Supraphon, a title whose chief interest consists in its editors' decision for the first time in a production of Brixi's music to couplethe sound of a period organ built in the mid-18th century, with an accompanying ensemble playing in authentic style, conforming to the sonic model established in the given historical period, asreconstructed on the basis of the lataest musicological findings. The project engaged the joint forces of Věra Heřmanová, a highly experienced organist educated in France, and the Capella regia musicalis historical instruments ensemble playing under the direction of Robert Hugo, an artist endowed with abundant, indeed eruptive musicality. The CD captures the sound of a recently reconstructedorgan from the parich Church of Saint Leonard in Kdousov near the town of Jemnice. The CD is accompanied by a booklet with commentary by a leading Czech organ expert, pictorial documentation,and last but not least, for the initiated listeners, the complete survey of organ registration throughout the duration of the four concertos.

Brixi organ concertos in authentic premiere.
František Xaver Brixi
Concerto Fa maggiore (in F major) per Organo principale, 2 Corni in F, 2 Violini, Viola, Bassi e {Organo} Continuo
1. Allegro moderato 06:11
2. Adagio 08:04
3. Allegro assai 04:53
František Xaver Brixi
Concerto Ut maggiore (in C major) per Organo principale,2 Clarini in C, 2 Violini, Viola e Bassi
4. Allegro moderato 05:07
5. Adagio 05:09
6. Allegro. Alla breve 04:34
František Xaver Brixi
Concerto Sol maggiore (in G major) per Organo principale, 2 Corni in G, 2 Violini, Viola e Bassi
7. Allegro moderato 07:05
8. Adagio 04:38
9. Allegro molto 05:04
František Xaver Brixi
Concerto Re maggiore /in D major/ per Organo principale, 2 Clarini in D, 2 Violini, Viola e Bassi
10. Allegro moderato 06:30
11. Andante molto 05:40
12. Allegro 04:26