Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Václav Neumann

Dvořák: Rusalka. Highlights from the Opera

Catalogue Number: SU 3717-2
Published: 19th May 2003
Genre: Opera
Format: 1 CD
However uneven the qualities of the operatic legacy of Antonín Dvořák (1841 - 1904) might appear compared with the rest of his output, at least three of his operas - namely, The Jacobin; Kate and the Devil; and Rusalka - can be safely regarded as works of outstanding vitality, undiminishingly appealing and therefore frequently staged and spontaneously loved by audiences. Rusalka in particular, written in 1900, a lyrical fairy-tale opera set to the finest text ever used by Dvořák (from Jaroslav Kvapil), telling a story filled with compassion, with an unfortunate central female character and an errant principal male hero (Prince), has quite justly won the shared place at the top, with Smetana's The Bartered Bride, as the best-loved and most frequently produced Czech operas, in their home country and internationally alike.
This digital recording, presenting Václav Neumann's production with Gabriela Beňačková in the title role, guarantees the highest artistic value. Coupled with Dvořák's inimitably sparklin invention, this complete opera set brings living proof of one of the pre-eminent fruits of genius in the whole history of Czech music.

The most frequently performed Czech opera in digital quality!
Antonín Dvořák
Rusalka. Opera in 3 Acts, Op. 114
1. Act 1 "Ho, ho, ho!" 04:58
2. Act 1 "O, moon high up in the deep, deep sky" 05:07
3. Act 1 "Abracadabra!" 02:28
4. Act 1 "Beautiful vision, delightful" 06:26
5. Act 2 "A week now do you dwell with me" 08:07
6. Polonaise 04:31
7. No one in this world can give you - White blossoms all along the road 07:28
8. Act 3 "Insensible water power" 06:10
9. Act 3 "Hair, golden hair have I" 04:00
10. Act 3 "Do you still know me, lover?" 11:08