Franz: Goldilock - Ballet Fairy-tale

Catalogue Number: SU 7018-9
Published: 27th February 2009
Genre: Ballet
Format: 1 DVD
We invite you to the dance fairy-tale about the beautiful princess Goldilocks, the intrepid Jiřík and a love that helps them overcome all the obstacles laid in their path. In the several years that have elapsed since its premiere, this extremely successful production of Prague's National Theatre Ballet has packed the auditorium of the Estates Theatre, whose exquisite interior augments the inspired sets. The performance's creators have managed to enter the fantasy world of the very youngest spectators, actively drawing them into the action and also warming up the auditorium - thanks to captivating expressional means, a singing narrator accompanying the audience throughout the entire fairy-tale, as well as Vladimír Franz's subtle and comprehensible music written tenderly and with the sense for children's ears. In the booklet you can read the fairy-tale in several languages. As a bonus feature, the DVD includes a film mapping the genesis and preparation of Goldilocks the ballet.
Vladimír Franz
1. Goldilock. Ballet Fairy-tale 1:45:00
Vladimír Franz
2. Goldilock on Tiptoes - documentary 43:23