Gabriela Beňačková, Peter Dvorský, Richard Novák, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Zdeněk Košler

Smetana: The Bartered Bride - Highlights from the Opera

Catalogue Number: SU 3708-2
Published: 13th January 2003
First release: SUPRAPHON, 1981
Genre: Opera
Format: 1 CD
For Czech audiences, arias from The Bartered Bride, this jewel of Czech classical opera production from the pen of Bedřich Smetana, represent truly popular, indeed timeless tunes. Supraphon is now launching this famous comic opera back onto the market, in a version featuring star performances of international stars Gabriela Beňačková as Mařenka, Peter Dvorský as Jeník, and Richard Novák as Kecal. Playing on an equally brilliant form here was the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Zdeněk Košler, backed by the vocal forces of the Prague Philharmonic Choir. Simultaneously with the complete opera set (2CDs), Supraphon is releasing a separate disc featuring highlights from the opera.

Slogan: The Bartered Bride: Czech opera jewel with a cast of world-famous soloists.
Bedřich Smetana
The Bartered Bride. A Comic opera in Three Acts
1. Overture 06:34
2. Act 1, Scene 1 "Let us rejoice, let's be merry" 04:40
3. Act 1, Scene 2 Aria "Should I ever happen to learn something like that about you" 03:54
4. Act 1, Scene 2 Duetto "While a mother's love means blessing, painful is a stepmother's hate ..." 04:51
5. Act 1, Scene 3 Terzetto "He's well brought up and decent ..." 03:49
6. Act 1, Scene 5 Finale - Polka and Chorus "Come on, girl, let's be merry ..." 04:26
7. Act 2, Scene 2 "My-my-my mother dear sa-sa-said to me..." 02:21
8. Act 2, Scene 3 Duetto "I know a maiden fair whose love for you is boundless ..." 05:56
9. Act 2, Scene 4 Duetto "Now then, my dear man ..." 07:55
10. Act 2, Scene 5: How could they believe 03:36
11. Act 3, Scene 7 "Mařenka mine - Are you really so stubborn, dear ..." 04:08
12. Act 3, Scene 9 Finale " What have you decided, Mařenka?" 07:29