Film Symphony Orchestra, Štěpán Koníček

Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel - Three Nuts for Cinderella. Original Soundrack

Catalogue Number: SU 5474-2
Published: 5th May 2003
Genre: Instrumental Pop
Format: 1 CD
Music from the charming movie fairy-tale, a Czech-German coproduction directed by Václav Vorlíček, premiered in 1973. The soundtrack is a real tour de force by Karel Svoboda, widely known in German-speaking countries not only as a principal supplier of hit numbers for star crooner Karel Gott, but also thanks to his collaboration on more than a few television serials. To name but a few, the absolute tops have included the series, The Flying Ferdinand/Der fliegende Ferdinand; Circus Humberto/Zirkus Humberto; and last but by no means the least, Maia the Bee/Die Biene Maja, which earned the composer no fewer than five Golden Disc awards in 1978. The soundtrack was recorded by Prague's Film Symphony Orchestra (FISYO), conducted by Štěpán Koníček.
Slogan: Music from the greatest fairy-tale film of all time.
Karel Svoboda
Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel (Three Nuts for Cinderella). From the original movie soundtrack
1. Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel (Three Nuts for Cinderela) (Motiv I./ Motive I.) - Einleitung/Introduction 04:38
2. Die Stiefmutter - Asche und Erbsen (Stepmother - Ashes and Peas) 00:51
3. Die hilfreichen Täubchen I. (Darling Doves I.) 01:58
4. Aschenbrödel und Nikolaus (Motiv I.) - Ankunft des Königspaars und seiner Begleiter / Cinderella and Her Horse (Motive I.) - Arrival of the Royal Retinue 04:10
5. Die Jagd auf das Aschenbrödel I. / Chase for Cinderella I. 02:01
6. Die Jagd auf das Aschenbrödel II. / Chase for Cinderella II. 01:10
7. Abfahrt des Königspaars und seiner Begleiter / Departure of the Royal Retinue 02:50
8. Aschenbrödels schweres Schicksal I (Motiv I.) / Cinderella's Bad Deal I (Motive I.) 00:26
9. Motiv des Präzeptors und der "Tanzstunde" / Motive of Teacher and "Dance Lesson" 01:02
10. Vinzek und die drei Haselnüsse / Vince and the Three Nuts 00:45
11. Der Zauber der Hasselnüsse (Motiv I.+II) / The Nut's magic (Motives I.+II.) 01:47
12. Aschenbrödel als Jäger (Motiv II) / Cinderella - Huntsman (Motive II) 01:48
13. Der beste Schütze (Motiv II.) / The Best Shoot (Motive II.) 00:39
14. Die Jagd auf das Aschenbrödel III. / Chase for Cinderella III. 00:26
15. Aschenbrödels schweres Schicksal II. (Motiv I.) - Erbsen und Linsen / Cinderella's Bad Deal II (Motive I.) - Peas and Lentils 01:01
16. Die hilfreichen Täubchen II. - Die zweite Haselnuss / Darling Doves II. - Nut Number Two 01:28
17. Der königliche Ball / Royal ball 03:40
18. Aschenbrödels Tanz mit dem Prinzen (Motiv I.) - Cinderella's Dance with the Prince (Motive I) 03:43
19. Aschenbrödel flieht vom ball (Motiv II.) / Cinderella Fleeing from the Ball (Motive II.) 01:37
20. Verrat, Verfolgung und Strafe / Betrayal, Pursuit, and Punishment 02:19
21. Finale I. - Es gibt Hochzeit! (Motiv I.) / Finale I. - There's Bound to be Wedding! (Motive I.) 01:31
22. Finale II. (Motiv II.) / finale II. (Motive II.) 02:38